PS4's PlayStation VR Getting Stranger Things Experience, See A Teaser Here

Go to the Upside Down in this new PSVR game.


The new season of Stranger Things premiered on October 27, and you may very well have watch all the episodes already. Looking for more Stranger Things? Some kind of Stranger Things "experience" for PlayStation VR is on the way, and it's coming soon.

While we have to wait a bit longer to find out exactly what it is, Sony has posted a teaser trailer for the Stranger Things PS VR experience. The very brief video shows off the famous Christmas lights sequence, but that's all we get. The video's description suggests the experience will be set in the Upside Down, as it says the experience will invite fans to "feel the terror of The Upside Down."

Unfortunately, there is no word yet as to what this Stranger Things PSVR experience actually is. In August 2016, Netflix posted a video of the stars of the show checking out a scary Stranger Things VR experience, but we don't know what they were looking at.

Stranger Things Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix. Check out GameSpot's hub for the show to find reviews, theories and everything else you need to know about Stranger Things. In other news, a drummer rips the show's main theme with this killer cover.

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I am all over this. Had to race through S2 in 3 days cuz GS was hell bent on spoiling the whole thing for me, and now have to wait 'till 2019 for more. This will either make up for the wait a little... or unleash the upside-down on the planet. Either way, good stuff ;)

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isnt it just this..

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Stranger things on VR?

Well, what can I say... stranger things have happened.


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I need this in my life asap... Just finished Season 2 of Stranger Things this morning and really I am still absolutely blown away by how powerful El was at the end and the writing, acting, directing.. just a perfect series so far..

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@RiseUp44: I'm a couple eps from the end. I've been trying to space it out, watching one episode a day. Its so crazy to think the countless networks turned this show down over something so trivial like that the cast was kids.