PS4's PlayStation Now Gets Major Makeover, Extra Game for July

Sony "completely redesigns" the platform's UI and announces six new games for the service in July.


Sony has "completely redesigned" the PlayStation Now app on PlayStation 4, giving it a major makeover in an overall effort to make it more visually appealing and easier to navigate and discover new games.

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PlayStation Now is Sony's game streaming service that originally launched last year.

The new PlayStation Now UI features sections of games filtered by theme. What's more, game pages have been beefed up and now feature more in-depth descriptions, along with new images and videos.

There are currently more than 125 PlayStation 3 games on PlayStation Now, and the service is growing further in July. Sony normally adds five new games to the platform per month, but, to mark the UI makeover, the company has added six to the service this month. This month's "bonus" game is Resistance 3.

Below are PlayStation Now's six new games for July, which you can rent individually or through the platform's subscription plan.

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