PS4's Newest System Update Focuses on Improving Stability Once Again

The version 1.74 firmware is now available for PlayStation 4 owners.

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The latest PlayStation 4 system update is now available. Unfortunately for those hoping it includes some new features, this one deals exclusively with system stability.

PS4 owners who turn on their console today will find the 1.74 update available for download. The one and only item listed in the notes for it is identical to what we've seen for several updates in a row: "System software stability during use of some features has been improved."

Addressing stability was the lone change in the last two system updates, versions 1.71 and 1.72, both of which were released in June. An update numbered 1.73 was apparently skipped (or someone at Sony just doesn't like the number).

The last PS4 update to include any new features--or even so much as a specific note about what was changed--was the 1.70 update released on April 30. That was a major update, introducing a new video editor, brightness settings for the DualShock 4's light bar, a way to disable HDCP, preloading support, and a number of other features. To date, it's one of only two system updates (not counting the one available at launch) to offer more than stability improvements and other small refinements.

While Sony has been relatively slow in releasing new feature updates--Microsoft has been releasing monthly system updates for Xbox One--it has nonetheless been the top-selling console since its release. As of April 6, 7 million PS4s had been sold worldwide.

Sony solicits ideas from fans for new features, and allows them to vote on those they would like to see implemented through system updates. Currently, the most popular PS4 ideas on the PlayStation Blog Share website include a way to change your PlayStation Network name, improved media support, notifications for friends coming online (or going offline), and a way to delete listings for games you've earned no trophies in.

What features would you most like to see in a future PS4 system update? Let us know in the comments.

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