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PS4's Improved, 1080p Version of PC's Gauntlet Out Now

Slayer Edition available today for $20.


The new and improved version of last year's PC Gauntlet reimagining is out today for PlayStation 4, Warner Bros. and developer Arrowhead Game Studios announced. Gauntlet comes to PS4 by way of the Slayer Edition, which you can buy today from the PlayStation Network for $20.

It's a modern take on Gauntlet, the 1985 arcade classic. A "dungeon brawler," the new Gauntlet lets you play as one of four classes (Warrior, Wizard, Valkyrie, Elf) while teaming up with friends locally or online.

Take a look at the Slayer Edition's launch trailer below.

Game director Emil Englund said last month that the Slayer Edition is "a stronger, cooler, and more slayer-y version of the one we released on the PC. We've been shaping up a lot of the assets in the game, both characters and environments, as well as improving on the game mechanics.

"This time around, we wanted to explore the heroes and their abilities more in-depth giving them a bigger toolset for players to explore, as well as a new game mode in which to exercise their rights as self-proclaimed monster slayers."

That new game mode is the "Endless" mode. Players fight through a never-ending series of procedurally generated floors, with leaderboards tracking your progress.

The Slayer Edition touts 1080p graphics, and also has new abilities and customization options. These improvements and others (see them all here) will also be released for the PC edition of Gauntlet through a free update.

An Xbox One version of Gauntlet has not been announced.

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