PS4's Grow Home Breaks Ubisoft PlayStation Download Records

The experimental climbing game is now the fastest-downloaded Ubisoft game on PlayStation ever.


Ubisoft's Grow Home, an experimental climbing game developed by a small team at Ubisoft Reflections, has gotten off to a quick start on PlayStation 4. The game is now the fastest-downloaded Ubisoft game on a PlayStation platform to date. The game was released earlier this month on PlayStation 4 as a free download for PlayStation Plus members. The game reached 1.5 million downloads in its first week.

"We are thrilled that BUD has found a new home in the PS4 community," producer Pete Young said in a statement. "Grow Home was a great opportunity for our team to experiment and develop new technology and have fun at the same time."

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BUD, short for Botanical Utility Droid, is the hero of Grow Home. In the game, you explore a colorful, minimalist world of floating islands. BUD is an "excitable child-like robot" sent to find new plant species he can harvest to save his home planet.

Grow Home is also currently available on PC. It has not been announced for Xbox platforms. GameSpot's Grow Home review scored it an 8/10. Below is an excerpt from critic Austin Walker's review.

"No game exists in a vacuum, and sometimes it's hard to confront the contexts that color our experiences, especially when they make us second guess ourselves," he said. "Is Grow Home a charming game that's worth your time? Yes. Do I believe this because Grow Home contrasts so sharply with Ubisoft's recent output? Also yes. Yet no matter how prone to cynicism you may be, you shouldn't let this surprising gem go unnoticed."

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You can download Grow Home today through the links below.

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