PS4's Free-To-Play Battle Royale Game H1Z1 Releases Very Soon

The battle royale is getting a bunch of new features too.

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Daybreak Games has announced that H1Z1 Battle Royale for PS4 is leaving open beta and launching as a free-to-play title August 7. The launch also adds new features and in-game content to H1Z1.

H1Z1 gets two new weapons when it officially launches on PS4. The RPG provides an additional explosive option for players who need to take out vehicles or groups of enemies. The SOCOM Sniper Rifle adds new layers of strategy to long-range combat and tactics with a 4x scope, fitting between the Scout Rifle and the M40. The game is getting a new vehicle as well, an ARV. It fits an entire squad of five players and comes equipped with a pop-out hatch for a sniper to take a shot.

H1Z1 is also getting its first Battle Pass. Battle Pass Season 1 unlocks additional content for players, with three tracks of rewards: free, premium, and PS Plus. Players unlock new cosmetic items and in-game monetary rewards for each track as they earn XP. Every player is automatically put into the free path, but you'll need to pay $5.49 to join the premium path and be a PS Plus member to get the PS Plus rewards. There are 30 rewards across all three paths in total.

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For more cosmetics, two launch bundles add new outfits and skins. For $5, the Viper Starter Bundle includes a kung-fu-inspired outfit and mask. For $35, the Hardline Deluxe Bundle comes equipped with military-inspired cosmetics and items.

With the launch, Daybreak Games has also made a few updates to address balancing issues. We've listed the major ones below, but the full patch notes of changes coming to PS4's version of H1Z1 can be found on H1Z1's FAQ.

H1Z1 Battle Royale Changes

Balance Changes

  • The Hellfire will do less damage overall, and have an even stronger damage fall-off at distances beyond 50 meters
  • M40 headshots will be fatal, even through helmets
  • Crossbows with explosive arrows will do less splash damage

Tier Changes

  • The AR-15 will be moved to ground loot
  • Crossbows with explosive arrows will be moved into Green airdrops
  • The SOCOM will be found in Purple airdrops
  • The M40 and RPG will be found in Gold airdrops

H1Z1 is already out on PC, and is in open beta on PS4 until its official release on August 7. The game is scheduled to release on Xbox One as well, but no date has been announced.

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