PS4's Exclusivity Window Is Shorter Than Usual For Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4

Huh, only a week.

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Activision has confirmed that the post-launch DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be coming to PS4 first before also launching on Xbox One and PC. That's no surprise, as the PS4 has received early access to DLC expansions on every Call of Duty game since Activision first partnered up with PlayStation for 2015's Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. However, this time the PS4 has a much shorter exclusivity window.

For Black Ops 4, Activision has announced that the PS4 will only have a one week head start on the Xbox One and PC when it comes to playable post-launch content. This includes all seasonal events, as well as new specialists and maps for multiplayer. The Nuketown multiplayer map will come to all platforms in November, followed by new specialists in December. Past Call of Duty games have given the PS4 two to four weeks exclusivity on certain updates. With that window shortening so dramatically, it suddenly doesn't hurt as much to be pre-ordering Black Ops 4 on Xbox One and PC.

Prior to Black Ops 4's launch launch, Treyarch released a beta for the game's battle royale Blackout mode. The Blackout beta offered player limit counts of 80, 88, and 100, but Treyarch hasn't announced which number will be used for the final game. The beta offered several different types of modifiers as well, such as only close range weapons and a rapidly closing border circle, which taught us just how different Blackout is from other battle royale games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches on October 12 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. If you pre-order the Deluxe or Digital Deluxe editions of the game, you can get a head start on multiplayer with in-game Call of Duty points.

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Avatar image for santinegrete

Timed exclusives are such a waste. Anyone taking this as an advantage to shove in a console war should get his days counted before execution for stupidity, so now the timed exclusivity could be a real deal anyways.

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@santinegrete: Someone's on their rag.

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There should be no DLC exclusivity for any console corporation. For any game. I understand the political b.s behind it,but I still don't agree with it.

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What makes this game any better than the billion other clone pvp's? Nazi zombies is a stolen idea from the Wolfenstein franchise. It brings nothing new to the table...

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@trust2112: "Nazi Zombies is a stole idea from the Wolfenstein franchise" First of all, I'm pretty sure you aren't fighting against Nazi Zombies in Wolfenstein.If I recall, you are fighting against normal Nazis.Second of all, Black Ops 4 Zombies isn't even about Nazi Zombies.I think you're mixing this game with World At War or World War 2.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@randomusername9: he is talking about nazi zombies in 2001 RTCW.

Avatar image for supermariomelee

@randomusername9: That's not the ones he was talking about. It's Wolfenstein: The Old Blood that had them in it. Pretty sure that Return to Castle Wolfenstein had them in it too.

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There should never have been a "exclusivity window" in first place.

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Nothing new about this, but consider isnt this breaking contract with sony?

Now thats what i wanna know

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Anything thats exsclusive to a playstation isnt worth owning on PC, its exsclusive on Playstation because its garbage and runs like a 2008 PC.

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@nerveagentuk: meanwhile spiderman and god of war looks awesome

Avatar image for sweet_jcs

@isildor: So did Horizon Zero Dawn.

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@sweet_jcs: 30 FPS awesome. Hey no joke, FPS consistency is a must. Capped>variable.

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Not surprising as they did the same with Destiny which I'm glad to have avoided. As someone who plays on PC I don't want to wait for Plebstation's play first timegate to get patches on my platform so will be avoiding this game as well.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@chikenuggetz: dude there's better games in PC than Destiny 2 and Cowaduddy. I hope you're digging your nails there too at least.

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@chikenuggetz: did the same with destiny 2? When? If i remeber right the dlc exclusive content is still 1 year until Xbox one and pc gets it