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PS4's Driveclub Sells 2 Million

Racing game reaches new sales milestone.


Despite its serious initial struggles, Sony's PlayStation 4 racing game Driveclub has now sold in excess of 2 million copies. Game director Paul Rustchynsky announced the news on Twitter today. He shared an image of a plaque he received congratulating him and developer Evolution Studios on reaching 2 million sales.

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This figure counts copies sold, not just shipped. What's more, this milestone was achieved prior to the release of the free PlayStation Plus edition, so the game has probably has reached quite a few more people.

According to Rustchynsky, Driveclub remains popular still, nearly a year after its original release in October 2014. Asked how many concurrent players the game is seeing, he declined to share an exact figure, but said, "It's more popular than ever right now."

GameSpot's Driveclub review scored the game a 5/10.

Critic Kevin VanOrd wrote: "It's basic racing in basic packaging, beautiful and inert and full of attractive cars. It is not, however, an argument for a new generation of driving, given how it fails to exceed the standards of the old one."

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