PS4's Celebrity-Led Horror Game Until Dawn Goes Gold

Development on long-in-development horror game finished ahead of its launch in August.


Until Dawn, the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive horror game, has gone gold. Developer Supermassive Games announced the news on Friday. The game is scheduled to launch on August 25.

"Going gold" means development has finished, and all that's left to do is send the game to factories for mass production or to the PlayStation Network to beam up to your PS4.

The game features the voice and likenesses of a handful of celebrity actors, including Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, A Bug's Life), Rami Malek (Need for Speed, Night at the Museum), and Peter Stormare (Fargo, The Big Lebowski).

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Until Dawn has been in development for a long time and has even changed platforms. The game, which was previously in development for PlayStation 3 with Move support before shifting to PS4, follows a group of eight friends who take what they think will be a fun trip to a cabin in the mountains. Obviously things don't go as planned and they must fight to survive...until dawn.

GameSpot recently played a portion of Until Dawn and we were intrigued by what we saw.

"Although I was initially doubtful about how much I'd enjoy Until Dawn's campy dialogue and B-grade horror film idiosyncrasies, when my time was up with the game I found it difficult to leave the characters behind, and the story hanging," editor Zorine Te wrote in her preview.

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Avatar image for kiddoblivion

I've heard people who've played this game complain that there are too many unnecessary jump scares and that the teens are too annoying and everything that comes out of their mouths are irritating stupid nonsense, so I rewatched the first four Friday the 13th movies and guess what, there's a jump scare literally every five minutes and the characters are all annoying morons who say and do stupid things because we're SUPPOSED to secretly want them to die, if they were complex well-written characters who said insightful things and stayed calm under pressure we would feel bad for them when they eventually got murdered.

So "person who reviews this game at the end of the month", please go watch the Jason films, please go watch the Freddie Kruger and the Michael Meyers films and hell even the Leatherface films and THEN come back and write a review for this game, because a lot of people don't seem to even be aware of the genre this game is inspire by.

Also, I'd just like to add that I hope people GET this game and it doesn't go the same way as The Order 1886 where people were expecting I dunno an Assassin's Creed game and regarded the story as bad because yet again didn't approach it with enough life experience to know that everything about that game is a direct homage to classic Hammer horror films from the 60s only done in cutting edge graphics.

Avatar image for iammcgruber

@kiddoblivion: even if it was supposed to be like that the game will still need to be fun to get a good review

Avatar image for namitokiwa

@kiddoblivion: Those characters at first to be a jerk, annoying or bla bla bla but then those characters will change depend on your choices.

Avatar image for darklordvyperx

Complaining about the development time is like complaining that a game is too good. @Utnayan, you must play Magic The Gathering for the console. Derp

Avatar image for aquamah

i hope there more skin to see like in a real horror movie

Avatar image for Stogin

Man I love horror games and horror movies, really hope this game is good!

Avatar image for skrilla99

Can't wait for this game. It's next in my que, bout to ship back The Order.

Avatar image for iammcgruber

Damn $60 for this game.? I thought it was an indie for some reason, like a smaller scale game. Guess I was wrong.

Avatar image for namitokiwa

@iammcgruber: 8 characters, different paths from your different choices lead to different deaths or not and will effect on multiple endings. It is more than a smaller scale games.It is worthy like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls. And its gameplay is kinda deeper with relationship status will define their personality.

Avatar image for namitokiwa

@iammcgruber: It is now a bigger game. The game has multiple choices and multiple endings, and the game use the relationship between those characters to effect on their ability and ofcourse the sequences in the game lead to different choices. The game has its depth and it is really interested to put relationship and their dynamic skills to effect on the story of Until Dawn.

Avatar image for Monsterkillah

I love super mysterious game like this

Avatar image for camou504

I like games like Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain so I'll more than likely check this out

Avatar image for namitokiwa

@camou504: I love those games and I have pre-ordered Until Dawn.

Avatar image for art_of_victory

@camou504: Totally agree Camou504. I also enjoy a good story with a splash of scares too and Heavy Rain was totally awesome. Count me in to buy this game when it gets released :-)

Avatar image for Utnayan

Long development time and platform switch = this will suck.

Avatar image for kiddoblivion

@Utnayan: Sort of like how The Last Guardian will suck even though everyone who saw it at E3 crapped their pants at how awesome it was, right?

Avatar image for deactivated-5cf3bfcedc29b

@Utnayan: = you wish

Avatar image for Simulator_Shock

I think this game looks kinda neat but it doesn't look like it's worth blowing $60 on it

Avatar image for 3cupsofflower

Played the demo in Helsinki. I don't think this game will do well unless they've dramatically changed the game since the demo. In other words, it was pretty bad.

Avatar image for ck02623

That video makes it look like a really long Telltale game.

Avatar image for kiddoblivion

@ck02623: That sentence put a huge grin on my face. A long Telltale game done with "next-gen" graphics, based on one of my favorite cinematic genres? Yes please!

Avatar image for kiddoblivion

@7tizz: This game will spawn a cult following like Heavy Rain, just watch.

Avatar image for Sevenizz

@kiddoblivion: Heavy Rain has a cult following? News to me.

Avatar image for 93ChevyNut

@7tizz: Have you been on vacation? Haven't seen you around the stomping grounds much.

Avatar image for chestrc0pperp0t

@93ChevyNut: im sure he was too busy trolling ps4 articles on the other 10 websites he trolls LOL

Avatar image for Stogin

@chestrc0pperp0t: +1000!

Avatar image for Dark_Wr4ith

Pretty excited for this (and that it's actually coming out now). I hope it's good.

Avatar image for xwulfd

they said this game is 9 hours long

Avatar image for kiddoblivion

@xwulfd: Yeah this game takes place over the course of one night, so you could potentially start playing it in real time at say 8pm when the story starts in game and play UNTIL DAWN. ;) When the sun comes up for whoever survived the night the sun will also come up for you.

Avatar image for namitokiwa

@xwulfd: for one time. The game has many multiple endings so it got a lot of replayable.

Avatar image for MrFreehuggs

I completely forgot about this game. Why isn't Sony doing any sort of ads for this one?

Avatar image for theninjaguydon

@MrFreehuggs: I was worried in June when at the E3 press conference they(Sony) didn't even mention this exclusive. But think it could end up being a pleasant surprise.

Avatar image for suicidesn0wman

@MrFreehuggs: Considering the hype train derailed most of the other exclusives so far(not that i agree with others about those games), maybe Sony is hoping the game will sell itself and word of mouth will push it farther than hype could.