PS4's Bloodborne Sells 2 Million

From Software's RPG reaches new sales milestone.


PlayStation 4 role-playing game Bloodborne, developed by the team behind Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, has reached a new sales milestone. The game has now sold more than 2 million copies since launch in late March 2015, Sony announced today as part of the Tokyo Game Show. This is up from 1 million in April.

The 2 million figure counts copies sold on disc and digitally through the PlayStation Store.

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Also today at TGS, Sony and From Software announced that Bloodborne's first expansion pack, The Old Hunters, will launch in November. For lots more on the $20 DLC, check out this post.

GameSpot's Bloodborne review scored the game a 9/10.

"In death there is life, and in blood, there is redemption," wrote reviewer Kevin VanOrd. "More hyperbole, yes, but for a game this theatrical, only hyperbole will do."

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Avatar image for wolvklaw

Would of sold alot more had it not been exclusive. The one and only game I thought was unfair to make exclusive. But....thats the price we pay when we choose a system. You do miss out on some truly great games and I know (being a huge Dark Souls fan), this is one of those game that I truly just thought it sucked that it was exclusive and thought it was unfair. Don't want to here Xbox couldn't handle it, yes it could have, thats devs throwing out a lame excuse or laziness on their part (sorry but thats is what my opinion is). Its the one game I would buy a PS4 for. Still might in the future but I am simply an Xbox fan and would rather support one than try to support two. Plus Dark Souls 3 is coming and here soon with Halo 5, Fallout 4, SW Battlefront and even rockband 4....its not like I am hurting on games or game about to release. I just think this particular game should have been available to all. Their loss those sales would have easily been alot more than just 2 million.

Avatar image for Armin_Devil_PS3

@wolvklaw: Damn right bro. Totally agree. I wanted to buy a PS4 just for this game but for some reasons and problems I had to stick with my PC yet.

Avatar image for ditronus

Suddenly the 6 million Witcher 3 copies seem a lot more...

Avatar image for wolvklaw

@ditronus Yep it does and it will continue to push those sales. Witcher 3 isn't dead and will continue to sell more and more. But they didn't make it exclusive. They made sure all could play their masterpiece. Bloodbourne should never have been exclusive. It just shouldn't have. I get certain games have to be on one system. Even Metal Gear learned what needed to happen in this day in age to make the money and to truly give to the gamers. This was a kick to the teeth for everyone else out there with it being exclusive. Glad it sold 2 million as I am sure the game is awesome...I would have bought it. How many other players would have on Xbox or PC? There are games that are meant for that exclusivity. This was not one of them.:

Avatar image for jhcho2

@ditronus said:

Suddenly the 6 million Witcher 3 copies seem a lot more...

Well, being on 3 separate platforms and being more mainstream certainly helps

Avatar image for BradBurns

Not bad. I remember Demons Souls was considered a huge success for almost selling half a million.

Avatar image for Porphyriaa

@BradBurns: Demon's souls had literally no advertisement. It was just this obscure hidden gem PS3 game and word got around it was incredible. I remember renting the game unsure if I would like it but that game sucked me in like no other game had in 10 years. It was so nice to have an actual challenge back in games again. Love the souls series. Absolutely some of the best games around today.

Avatar image for mjonk2pc

@7tizz: closer to 10% attach rate math genius.

Avatar image for lustgreedenvy

@7tizz: Compare Bloodborne's sales with Dark Souls 1 & 2 on PS3. Add the fact that PS3 has a 90 million install base compared to PS4's 25 million.

Bloodborne was a huge success.

Avatar image for muzza93

2 million is a lot. No casual gamer is going to want this. And if they buy it they will regret it. Its only for hardcore gamers.

And if anyone here replies with "its not that hard, bloodborne is easy", then that just proves you are a hardcore gamer.

Avatar image for Mhm88

@muzza93: I honestly feel BB is the hardest. I went back to all 3 souls games before it, I just now realized how easy they all were. Everything is just so slow in the game(don't get me wrong, it's still very fun to play) and I can easily bait out stuff without causing chaos. Then you got bloodborne, millions of spiders following you across the entire chalice dungeons and they love to 2-hit KO you with their spider fists. They relentlessly follow you until you kill the witch.

The PvP however, not sure how to go about the difficulty. After like 5000+ kills in DS2 PvP(it's easy to keep track because I have x2 +2 ring of thorns and have stacks after stacks of cracked red orb by farming with kills), I firmly believe DS2 has the best PvP and most difficult simply because it allows you to change direction mid swing(not just the beginning part of the swing like all the other souls games). BB feels like it's a step or two back in the PvP department.

Avatar image for plerpy

@muzza93: I think it's the easiest "souls" game so far. It doesn't stay hard for as long as the previous games (LOL).

Avatar image for Chaos_Dante_456

@muzza93: No if one says the game is easy that just goes to show they haven't explored the chalice dungeons deep enough

Avatar image for edwardnygma

This is one of the best games of this gen so the sales are well deserved. Congrats!

Avatar image for eloguvna

It's not really a lot for a system with the most install base, but it's still an impressive number, so congrats From Software. Just please don't go all Square Enix on us.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

And why wouldn't it, it's the best game on any of the next gen systems.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@7tizz: Poor thing? I played Bloodborne. You're the poor thing who never did because of your defective choices in gaming platforms.

You poor thing.

Avatar image for Sevenizz

@Thanatos2k: I deleted Dark Souls 30 mins after I DL'd it for free on Gold. You really think I care about it's twin?

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@Sevenizz: Yeah, we already know you have terrible taste in gaming. Also, why are you responding to me, I was talking to 7tizz.

Avatar image for Tiger_Ali

I have yet to get this game but I wonder if I should play demon souls first and the play the dark souls series and then play this? What would you do if you wanted to start playing this series?

Avatar image for Dark_Wr4ith

@Tiger_Ali: Bloodborne is actually a good starting point imo, the controls and intro for the game is much friendlier to new comers than any of the previous games. There is less item and inventory management, and the gameplay is much faster paced. The armour is pretty much purely cosmetic. The death mechanic is also nowhere near as punishing as games like Demon's souls and Darksouls 2. In Bloodborne you can basically die as many times as you want if you don't have "souls" on you.

Bloodborne is also it's own story and is only very loosely tied to Miyazaki's previous games by a single recurring character(Patches) and one character in Dark Souls 1 DLC(Chester).

Avatar image for origamibomber

@Tiger_Ali: If you have the console and the time just play all of them in order. Difficulty wise It's probably Demon's>Dark Souls 1>Dark Souls 2 ~= Bloodborne. If you start from bloodborne you'll still get rekt but if you've played the previous games even though you were a sword&shield guy(Bloodborne has no shields) bloodborne will still feel easier just because of the gaining health back mechanic. All of those games are great but many ppl order it like this Demon's>Dark Souls 1 ~=Bloodborne>Dark Souls 2. Just play them in release order you won't regret it but don't say I didn't warn you demon's soul and dark souls 1 is pretty damn hard :) (all of them are hard I'm just saying compared to the other two)

Avatar image for longestsprout

@Tiger_Ali: You could, but it's not in any way required.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@Tiger_Ali: Yes. Play them in order. Demon's Souls first, then both Dark Souls, then Bloodborne.

Avatar image for subsided94

Pretty sure Dark Souls 2 sold less then 4 million on PS3/PS4/PC/Xbox360/XboxOne combined so 2 million sales for Bloodborne soleley on PS4 is amazing

Avatar image for Frozzik

@subsided94: i think Dark Souls sold over 2m on pc alone and Dark Souls 2 close to 1m on PC alone. DS1 has had sales on Steam.

That's just on Steam (not sure if they are Steamworks or not) so sales could be even higher.

Bare in mind both these are considered poor console ports within pc community will also affect sales.

That 2m doesn't seem too big. Considering we are talking about a major AAA exclusive that had TV adds and lots of publicity as well as an existing fan base with the Dark Souls players.

(Pc sales numbers from Steamspy)

Avatar image for BradBurns

@Frozzik: how many of those Steam sales are "get the whole game+dlc for five bucks" sales?

Avatar image for pentraksil

@BradBurns: You are saying as if there is no such thing on consoles......You are also forgetting that developers get much bigger cut per sale on a PC than on consoles....Sony and Microsoft get a big percentage of money from each sale.

Avatar image for BradBurns

@pentraksil: Not nearly to same degree that it happens on PC.

Avatar image for pentraksil

@BradBurns: Sale on consoles are much bigger of course, but still doesn't change the fact that the profit on PC was also huge, especially because of the fact that bigger percentage of money from sales go to the devs.

Avatar image for BradBurns

@pentraksil: Depends how much of that profit goes to Valve as well.

Avatar image for Frozzik

@BradBurns: who knows. Fact is even a game considered a terrible port with 0 advertising can sell 1m on pc yet a massive exclusive with rave reviews and a huge tv/online add campaign can only manage 2m on a more popular platform? (Claimed by ps4 gamers)

I'm sure a huge amount of the 2m DS sales are from discount prices but as yet DS2 hasn't had massive reductions. It has had a couple of sales though but not $5.

Avatar image for BradBurns

@Frozzik: These games are made with the console audience in mind, though. PC doesn't sell nearly enough AAA games at full price to pay for the costs of AAA development.

Even the Witcher 3 developers said that they could not afford to make the game without consoles. And the Witcher is a PC-centric franchise. You can only imagine what the sales difference is with a console-centric franchise like DS(in dollars spent, not unit sales).

And it is important to note that Dark Souls came from Demon's Souls, a Sony Japan production. Without this initial console game, Dark Souls would not exist to get a sloppy PC port to begin with.

PC game sales do not create the confidence for the types of investments these games require to begin with. Console gamers put down the dough, so PC gamers can benefit from the port.

Avatar image for Frozzik

@BradBurns: CDPR couldn't have made TW3 for just a single console either. It couldn't have been exclusive to ANY system. Pc sales are higher than X1 on TW3 and not far behind (maybe even joint) with PS4.

I agree with everything you said regarding DS and that's why I'm saying 2m sales of Bloodborne on PS4 is terrible when you consider what was sold on PC. DS2 sold 1m on Steam. A crap port of a console game made for console gamers. I buy most AAA games and even I didn't buy it. Yet Bloodborne, a major PS4 exclusive with massive advertising exposure and extremely positive reviews only managed 2m on a system that everyone claims sells more AAA games than any other.

Very few studios other than 1st party (or paid exclusives) can make AAA games exclusively for 1 system these days. Pc is actually making developers a lot of money these days, why do you think so many are now releasing games on Steam. Just look at all the re releases of older games too.

With sites like Steamspy we can now get a good idea of pc sales, on steam at least.

Avatar image for BradBurns

@Frozzik: But TW3 is a PC-Centric franchise and still brought in more cash on console.

PC doesn't make a lot of money from those console ports, either. It's like a bonus for publishers. PC ports make money, but not nearly as much as console(for AAA).

Why else do you think PC ports get delayed very often and the cheapo treatment? AAA Publishers consistently make less money on the platform.

They want that day one $60 console sale not the $5 Steam sale.

PC makes a lot of money from "games as a service" and freemium crap. AAA sales aren't even close on PC.

Source: CNET

Avatar image for Frozzik

@BradBurns: when you say "consoles" you are combining systems. It's 2 vs 1. Of course pc will come out second. I'm not even saying developers make more money on pc, you're the one bringing that up.

If you compare pc to just X1 or just PS4 it doesn't do too bad. On Ubisofts last breakdown pc was their second highest earner. Behind PS4 but well above X1. That's from a publisher that is shunned by massive sections of the pc gaming community. Pc sales of TW3 were higher on PC than X1, most digital, CDPR will mske more money on PC than X1.

Not all games sell for $5 you know. In fact it's very rare AAA games go that low unless they are old or have a sequel.

Developers will always choose consoles 1st for big AAA games, of course I'm not and never will dispute that but you are just an ignorant fool if you honestly think they don't make money on PC. Not all games are shoddy ports, go look at Mad Max, MGSV, 2 recent releases as an example.

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with my initial post. I was simply saying 2m sales for a game of this magnitude on a system as popular as PS4 isn't that great. I used DS2 on PC as an example because despite being a terrible port and a console centric title it still managed 1m sales. Which for me shows how bad that 2m really is. Yes it's still twice as many but it's a major exclusive release on the most popular platform vs a crap port of a console game on a less popular platform (according to console gamers)

Avatar image for BradBurns

@Frozzik: "Games for PCs sell far less copies than counterparts for the Xbox or PlayStation, but that market makes far more revenue from players' purchases of in-game items, like currency and subscriptions to online multiplayer services like fantasy game World of Warcraft."

Subscriptions, real world paid in-game currency, and DLC. Yuck!

PC doesn't sell less AAA games. It sells far less AAA games. I know it's not your main point but I think it's relevant enough to keep in mind.

PC ports, good ones, can be done efficiently and cheaply as well. They only turn out horribly when they get the absolute, cheapass, "I really don't care about this platform" treatment, which happens with disturbing frequency.

And PC is a very popular platform, they just spend less on AAA games. I'm not saying it doesn't make money, because it sure as heck does. That platform just makes money on things I don't care for(DLC, Currency, games as a service). AAA does not do so well on PC, which is what I(and I assume you) actually care for.

To your main point: Yeah, it's just two million on a platform that's slamming ass every month but it's a very hardcore game and its direct predecessor on PS3, Demon's Souls, was at less than half a million sales for most of its life, now it almost reached two million but only after its been out for five years and heavily discounted.

I think the franchise as a whole is seeing great sales growth, Bloodborne hasn't even been out half a year and it has far outpaced Demon's Souls.

Avatar image for Frozzik

@BradBurns: tell you what. Rather than posting me a link to one guys opinion and guess work post me links to actual sales numbers or actual money made from games on individual systems.

I'm not even saying games don't sell better on consoles, games like CoD and GTAV console sales dwarf those on PC. I'm just sick of ignorance and bull****. I want facts.

All I can do is look at Steam spy and cross reference that with sales announcements by publishers to work out how well pc has done. Even then it's not ideal as you get some games like TW3 that sold much better via other stores, GoG in this case. Or GTAV that sold a lot through retail on PC.

Avatar image for BradBurns

@Frozzik: Iwinski saying that TW3 wouldn't exist without consoles wasn't enough for you? That is a PC franchise.

Look, there are no perfect sources comparing the two but this is a business. Publishers are in this to make money. Just look at their behavior. How do they treat PC ports? What are their priorities? How many resources do they allocate for the PC version? Do PC versions get the option of a physical release?

It's pretty obvious that console is where the money is at and PC is just a source of extra revenue for AAA publishers.

PC is set to make more money than console by next year. But not with AAA sales, it makes money from f2p, services, and DLC.

Avatar image for Frozzik

@BradBurns: yup you certainly are one of those infuriating ignorant console fanboys. I wasn't sure at 1st but as your replies progressed It became perfectly obvious.

I should just walk away now, I know from past experiences reasoning with people like you is futile.

I'll play a little longer though. Your are completely miss reading what CDPR said. The point they were making was TW3 as it is would never have been possible as an exclusive. To any system. Even consoles. The budget required needed a multiplatform release. On all 3 systems. They only mentioned the pc because the whole statement was in response to the downgrade accusations and claims it should have remained a pc exclusive.

Not ALL developers treat pc as a second class system. On the whole ports to pc are great. There have been a few bad ones and even then most were only considered bad because they matched the console versions it terms of FPS (30) and limited graphics options. Batman was an exception and was terrible but the fact it still sold close 500,000 copies before it was removed from sale and the fact they are fixing it (last patch fixed most issues) speaks volumes.

You can spout your rubbish all you want. Fact is you have no proof of any if this. I posted Ubisofts breakdown putting pc as it's second highest earner. That from a hated publisher too.

Avatar image for BradBurns

@Frozzik: I'm just stating facts. It is generally accepted the PC will surpass console in terms of dollars spent but not with AAA games. It will be with cash from games as a service and DLC. Look on Forbes, CNET, and any other gung-ho, PC article on reputable business sites. This is a fact, not rubbish, and not my opinion. It is what it is.

AAA does make money. I'm not saying it doesn't but that's not the PC gaming market's core. And there's no reason to treat PC ports like crap, either. They can be done well and on the cheap, which is how most are done. They have nothing to gain from pissing off PC fans, but some publishers really take "done on the cheap" to a whole new level.

These are some of the highest earners for Ubisoft on PC: Anno, The Settlers, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and Might & Magic.

One is a freemium game, one is f2p, and Anno is an RTS. None of these are AAA and prove my point for me.

I'm not a fanboy, in fact, I'm getting my over powered PC build done next week just to play MGSV and TW3 maxed out. I like PC and console gaming but I'm not gonna pretend that PC doesn't benefit from the cash console fans plunk down on day one so I can get my digital-only PC port and play on high settings, 60fps.

Avatar image for Frozzik

@BradBurns: again you are creating an argument where there is none.

I haven't said pc sells more than console, I haven't said pc doesn't benefit from console sales and I haven't said F2P isn't a pretty big market.

What I have said is vs each individual console ( pc vs x1 or PC vs PS4) in todays market the pc does very well. As Steam spy, Ubisoft announcements and other announcements (Cities selling 1.5m) prove.

You aren't posting any facts at all. You are posting opinios by journalists making assumptions. None have any proof or real figures from the horses mouth to back up claims. Like I said, Unless publishers actually release sales numbers or financial fugures (as Ubisoft did) we don't know anything.

Fact is pc gets more games today than ever before, it gets genres once exclusive to consoles and almost all multiplats get a pc version. Even games thats are only on Ps4 or X1 make it to pc (No mans Sky, Dead Rising etc).

The pc is doing great, mainly thanks to Steam. It isn't as big as console, it's just not as accessible. In many cases it holds its own.

Tomb Raider for example, last announced as selling 8.5m. According to Steam spy over 3m of those on Steam.

Avatar image for BradBurns

@Frozzik: Most publishers don't like to reveal too many details so you will probably never get the kind of evidence you want. All you can do is judge their behavior. But like I said, it is a non-controversial fact that most money on PC is made from pure dreck. F2p isn't just big, it's leading the PC game market's growth. I don't want more f2p. I want more AAA.

You can even check on reputable business sites like Forbes. Of course, you can choose not to believe them but that's on you.

Avatar image for Frozzik

@BradBurns: why do you keep linking me pointless articles founded on assumptions and estimations yet fail to even look at hard cold facts??

I've posted Ubisofts announcement.

I've stated 3m if Tomb Raiders 8.5 was on PC

I've said possibly 1/3rd of TW3 6m sales are pc (this is based on 800k Steam sales and CDPR stating the majority are on GoG)

I've made countless references to SteamSpy that you can go check at any time.

I've stated Cities Skylines sold 1.5m

Yet you still fail to recognize the PC as a money making system.

Your are just kidding yourself. Yes 90% of the time consoles sell more, yes 90% of the time developers use a console as the lead system then port to pc.

AGAIN we are talking 3 systems (6 if you include last gen which still sell games) vs 1 system. You ignore this as much as the rest.

Avatar image for BradBurns

@Frozzik: I never said PC doesn't make any money. My point was PC makes most of its money from games that we don't care for.

More of that cash needs to find its way to regular, nonfreemium games.

Things are indeed changing, the numbers you showed for games like TR are really good, but there's still a ways to go in general. That's all I'm saying. I'm not hating.

Avatar image for Frozzik

@BradBurns: sorry but I'll use real facts and real figures released by the actual publishers. Not some claim by a guy who shows no real evidence of units sold.

Fact is other than Steamspy we have nothing to show how well games sell on pc. Just what the ACTUAL publishers release. Like Ubisoft.

Digital sales don't show on most charts. Steamspy only shows Steamworks and Steam sales.

Avatar image for hoard_moard

The hype is real

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