PS4/PS3 Exclusives Detroit, Beyond, And Heavy Rain Are Coming To PC

A new chapter for Quantic Dream.

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Big change is afoot for French developer Quantic Dreams, and it's good news for PC gaming fans. Some of the studio's most popular games, including Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human, are coming to PC. They'll debut first on the Epic Games Store, with a one-year exclusivity window before launching on other, unspecified PC stores, Quantic said in a press release.

This is a big deal, considering these games were previously not only exclusive to console, but only the PlayStation family. And in the case of Detroit, it was released as a PS4 exclusive back in May 2018, less than a year ago. The new PC releases join a variety of other new Epic Games Store exclusives announced this week.

"We are so grateful for twelve fantastic years of collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment and all they have allowed us to create and produce," Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere said in a statement. "With this new partnership with Epic, we can now expand our products to a wider fan base and allow PC players to enjoy our titles."

Quantic's earlier titles, including The Nomad Soul and Indigo Prophecy (aka Fahrenheit), were released on PC, along with additional console platforms in some cases.

"We are extremely excited for the Epic Games Store to host such a well-known and established video game studio like Quantic Dream," Epic Games' Steve Allison said in a statement. "Their games have truly pioneered the genre of interactive storytelling, and with their expansion onto other platforms we are truly honored they chose to take that first step with Epic Games."

Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human will launch on the Epic Games store later this year. However, Quantic didn't provide specific release dates or pricing details.

Quantic is going through big changes. Though it was never owned by Sony, the company exclusively released its games on Sony machines since 2010 with Heavy Rain. Now, the company is working on a new IP that will come to multiple platforms, while it's taken on NetEase as a minority stakeholder to help fund its "future technologies."

NetEase, a Chinese internet company, is itself making moves lately. The company also invested $100 million into Bungie to develop non-Destiny games. The company also poured $30 million in Second Dinner, a small team founded by Hearthstone developers who are making a Marvel game.

Looking to Quantic's future, studio boss David Cage said the company aims to become a "global, multi-franchise company" that retains its independence, and raising the money from NetEase will help it achieve that. "We want to keep developing original games in the genre we pioneered, but also expand our audience by being present on all platforms," he said.

As for the Epic Games Store, it's attracted a number of developers since its launch in 2018. Unlike other PC game stores, the Epic Games Store gives developers 88 percent of revenue, while keeping only 12 percent.

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The fewer the games I "HAVE" to buy on PS4 the better.
That console is just terrible, and I'm convinced it's controller is a sick-joke that's gone on far too long.
It's one justification for being in my home is it's stellar software library.
Xbox may have a better console, but it doesn't really have the games to back it up.

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Off topic, but Heavy Rain style game in VR could be amazing

Avatar image for DarkReign2022


Avatar image for lonesamurai00

Well at least this time gamers can play these games without low resolutions, checkerboard rendering, frame time skips, and pathetic framerates. I'm sure that most if not all game devs want to bring games to the PC because they don't really want their games stuck on console hardware forever.

Avatar image for gamerforlife96

@lonesamurai00: trolling as alwayes

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@gamerforlife96: Whatever that means, but you know it's true.

Avatar image for Acheron18

Cool. Maybe there will be a mod to remove all the QTEs. Oh wait, there would be no gameplay left.

Seriously though, I really want to enjoy these games for the story but the controls are so terrible that I just can't.

Avatar image for somberfox

"Quantic Dream's games coming to PC"


"Epic store exclusive"

Oh, never mind

Avatar image for Hillsy_

I think they suit the PC market in theory, but I would stick to real classic adventure games like The Secret of Monkey Islands etc... Heavy Rain for example, has good atmosphere and setting, but the interaction is just a matter of holding a button down to collect your characters own thoughts and then proceed to execute them. None of your own thought process goes into the game, unlike the excellent older games by Lucasarts. The PC market has far better worthwhile games.

Avatar image for Mraou

Almost every non console exclusive comes to PC nowadays, even the Japanese games you didn't expect to, like Yakuza. There's a strong possibility that Persona 5 is coming to PC as well.

Avatar image for BassMan

I've played through them all already, but it is great news nonetheless. It would be nice to play these again at a higher frame rate on PC at some point.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

A great asset for PC gamers who enjoy story driven games. Detroit: Become Human in particular has myriad routes to choose which greatly affect the outcome of the ending as well as branches along the way. I hope Quantic Dreams make what they need in order to bring their next masterpiece to us swiftly.

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The story behind the HAHAHAHHA: A Reddit user was betting on it that these games would never ever come to PC the other day. He sure lost.

Okay now on topic. I am getting trust issues now as to what to buy on the PS4, since I have bought some exclusives and later they appear on PC. Like Nioh, Yakuza and now this. Persona 5 to join soon.

PS: not going to buy it till 2020. Not going to support Tencent

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@nsa_protocol44: If Persona 5 does got multi plat then I fully expect SMTV on all platforms.

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Avatar image for Heartagram_03

And of course its an epic store exclusive. Well.. I guess I'll wait the whole year for a steam release.

Avatar image for gargar

@Heartagram_03: Who cares which storefront it's on? what are you, 5 years old?

Epic gives 88% of the cut to the publishers, way more than Valve and Valve got billions in cash. They can spare a bit but they won't so F them. i much rather support developers and publishers.

Avatar image for Heartagram_03


I'm all up for competition but purchasing exclusivity on a single open platform is anti-consumer. If epic wishes to compete they should offer a more appealing discount over steam. Not to mention how unsafe their storefront is in its current shape.

If you have no issues with epic stealing titles for a year, good for you. Others however, feel the opposite and don't support such practices.

Avatar image for gargar

@Heartagram_03: You know what anti consumer is? it is taking 30% of the cut from small and indy developers and just 20 from big publishers. thus, making the lives of small publishers harder. And I repeat, Valve got billions in cash.

If a game was exclusive to a specific brand of GPU than I would have been mad. But it's only exclusive to a specific storefront. It's not like it cost something to open an account.

In terms of Epic store, you can expect major improvements in the coming month. Just a few days ago they published a time line for some nice stuff.

Avatar image for Heartagram_03

@gargar: I'm fully aware of the benefits to publishers and devs selling their product on the Epic store. Epic has the potential to be serious competition for Steam which is much needed and I agree on that front.

That said, the Epic store has many glaring issues plaguing the client. Stealing personal information, lacking user friendly features compared to Steam, GoG, Origin. Limited to no support for third party cd key sites (GreenManGaming, Fanatical)

This can generally improve over time but in its current state, I have zero desire to use the Epic store over the competition.