PS4/PC's Last Day Of June Looks Like A Tim Burton Film Crossed With A Watercolor Painting

Definitely looks like a painting.


Murasaki Baby was a strange but beautiful platformer, and it was praised for its art style when it was released back in 2014. Now, the creator of Murasaki Baby, Massimo Guarini, has announced a new game, called Last Day of June, that looks just as unique and evocative.

Last Day of June is an adventure game that tells a story of love and loss between two characters, Carl and June. According to developer Ovosonico, the story begins with a fun outing and progresses into Carl's struggle to save June's life. The announcement trailer shows off some of its gameplay and its beautiful environments. You can watch it above.

To me, it looks sort of like a mixture of a watercolor painting and one of Tim Burton's animated films. The backgrounds are full of soft brushstrokes, undefined edges, and pastel colors. But the characters have the exaggerated proportions and lankiness of Burton characters. This isn't entirely a coincidence: one of the people working on Last Day of June is Jess Cope, an animator on Burton's Frankenweenie.

Players will explore environments and work to complete puzzles in order to try and save June. As a press release states, "In this cinematic experience, players will solve emotionally challenging puzzles in an attempt to turn back time, compelling them to ask themselves, 'What would you do to save the one you love?'"

Last Day of June will launch for PS4 and PC sometime in 2017. You can read more about Guarini's last game, Murasaki Baby, here.

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