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PS4/PC's Gauntlet Updates Are Probably Done, as Helldivers Dev Moving On

Arrowhead is finished with Gauntlet.


Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, the recent remake of the arcade classic, is unlikely to receive any further updates, developer Arrowhead Game Studios has announced.

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"While it has been great working with [publisher] Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the development phase and our time together is now drawing to a close and Arrowhead's involvement with the support of the game will come to an end," the studio said in a blog post. "This means we likely will not release any more patches for the game."

In other words, any nagging issues you wanted to see addressed or improvements you were hoping to see made are probably not coming. However, all PC players should now have access to the items previously available only as preorder bonuses.

With Arrowhead moving on, it's advising players to direct any support issues to Warner Bros. Some of its staff members will, however, continue to discuss the game with fans on its forums.

"We thank every single one of you for supporting us along this journey," Arrowhead said. "It has been an incredible experience to work on one of our childhood favorite games and so much fun remaking this classic. We can only hope that you have enjoyed playing as well, and will continue having fun with friends for a long time to come."

Gauntlet launched last year on PC, and was followed by the release of an enhanced version (Slayer Edition) on PS4 and PC this summer. Arrowhead also this year released Helldivers for PS4, PS3, and Vita. Its next game has yet to be announced, with the studio only referring to it as its "upcoming secret project."

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