PS4, Xbox 720 announcements in March?

Sony and Microsoft reportedly planning Apple-style press conferences to reveal next-gen consoles around GDC in late March.


Official word on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 may only be months away. A Game Informer report (via Videogamer) states that Sony and Microsoft are planning "special Apple-style press conferences" to officially announce their next-generation systems "near the Game Developers Conference," which runs March 25-29 this year in San Francisco.

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"E3 in June may be the industry's biggest event, but both companies want to give their systems their own limelight," the report reads. "That doesn't mean E3 won't be without its surprises. Next-gen games will be announced at the convention in preparation for the systems' release at the end of the year."

The magazine also speculates that Sony may be planning to release the PS4 ahead of Microsoft's Xbox 720, or whatever the system may be called. This was also predicted by Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian in a note delivered to investors today.

"We hear that Sony in particular is determined not to come out last this time like the PlayStation 3 did this generation, so we'll have to see how soon it can get the PlayStation 4 out the door, and whether Microsoft is motivated to prevent this from happening," the report goes on.

Sebastian's note today suggested Sony had encountered PS4 production snags that could keep the system from shipping as scheduled, though he admitted these concerns could be overblown. Whatever the case, the previous suggestion is that both the PS4 and Xbox 720 will be on store shelves late this year.

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Avatar image for oversizeandy

Ps4 what can I say xbox ruled now ps4 looks to rock in next gen

Avatar image for gameluvamarshan

Next gens released this year!? Hellls Yaa been 7 years?

Also I would like to beable to put my own Hdd in a system buy a 1TB for like 50 bucks im set

Avatar image for ayushdhar

ps4 and xbox 720 are designed owsome the man who designed them have worked a lot on them imust say

Avatar image for tbone19762008

Not backwards compatible, and prob only be able to download games instead of having the disk????? AND 500 bucks????? why would I want to buy something that isn't much better than I already have???? Sorry Sony i have been a PS3 guy since the original and i must say u guys are a disappointment take this system and shove it!

Avatar image for pqwoei

Hopefully the next generation consoles will still retain a cd drive, I don't want to just own the games digitally. I want them in CDs.

Avatar image for bulvox

@pqwoei I agree with you. I hate that we need to be online just to play single player. In the future we cant play any game from this generation after the server is no longer supported and taken down.

Avatar image for RenegadeGR

hope sony and microsoft won't put in the second-hand game lock into the consoles

Avatar image for parkerewilson

LOL If you want to play a game on PC other then a console, you might be one of those noobs with hacks, because most PC gamers that play FPS games, are hackers. Console, does not have that issue, and if someone hacks, it is fixed FAST. I am a true gamer, one who cares about the game. PC, PS3, XBOX... Each one I love. I would rather be in my living room in front of the TV with a controller.

Next gen SPECS 1.6ghz,


Another thing, GRAPHICS... lets talk about them.

PC requires, a good card, about 400$ least for me, every time a new series of GPUs come out (THATS AS MUCH AS A SYSTEM ALONE! ) Drivers, depending on if your an AMD or Nvidia guy NVidia most are decent drivers but have hiccups and AMD well... I will never depend on there drivers. Making sure you don't have any infection on the HDD... which there always is at some point of the week, then you have to scan and find it, and thats just waiting on time I had to play. Then when you do play games are hacked, players are using mods or glitching the codes. Lets not talk about the other hardware and how much you spent on it.

Consoles, require turning it on, maybe a quick update every couple months, then I play worry free. Regardless if the graphics are " Out of date " the game is still fun and doesn't look all that bad. Plus the no worries, how awesome is that?! Plus I wont have to upgrade, and I spent 1/4 of the price to play the same games you did on your PC!

Avatar image for Irondiesel58

I'd love to see each company come out with nearly identical specs and have it possable for each console to connect together!! Just a little Microsoft or Sony Flare to each of their systems making it either Microsoft or Sony's own. Games will play on either system. Nintendo comes out and announces they'll make games for it too. NO you say I see everywhere as a for gone conclution theat the Xbox 720 or what ever will have a blu Ray player in it. Why give away such an advatage?

Avatar image for Meta_Dragon

"Sony and Microsoft are planning "special Apple-style press conferences" to officially announce their next-generation systems "near the Game Developers Conference," which runs March 25-29 this year in San Francisco."

Is there an official statement from Microsoft or Sony stating this? Because if not I find this hard to believe.

Avatar image for spookysev

@GamerMani @buccomatic +1 for c64 :D kicking it old skool! That was my very older sis had a wooden atari...pong was the game!

Avatar image for spookysev

i got my new Next-Gen already!! Why wait when you could easily build/pay for one now @ same price these consoles are are going to cost :D And here is the kicker, every part is upgradable to whatever specs you decide. You can use a console controller too...and 99% will never have to pay silly charges for playing online! +1 for PC

I own a PS3 and played it for a month, its fun and all but if the game is open to all I would buy for PC hands down.

Hope these consoles rock anyway, would be nice to see awesome gaming everywhere!

Avatar image for thatgamerguy120

@spookysev Yeah, but you pay out of your ass for hardware upgrades...

Avatar image for edinko

COuld we please stop this upgrade urban myth? its a legend and a stupid one invented buy jealus console peopple.

There is absolutely no need to upgrade your rig more often than consoles cause they hold the tech back so much - there is no need for that!

Avatar image for Irondiesel58

@edinko No need to upgrade? Why can I not play half the new games that have come out for the PC? I guess it's just not in the mood. So when it says my graphics card can not handle a game it's lying? Oh great now my PC is A moody lying Bitch.

Avatar image for METKRAM

We're getting old, they need to move faster!!!

Avatar image for iPWNAGEGAMES90

Sony play your card's right if it take's a little longer to get a superior system out the door then hold off for a bit, any true gamer would wait for a truely finished ready and unique product rather than a hurried, sloppy, and lackluster gaming system and poor gaming experience. I can't see the vision for such a rush just to say to the other guy Hey! Look I beat you.

Avatar image for Incubus420

@iPWNAGEGAMES90 It's important for Sony to come out first and establish a consumer base before Xbox. That is what nearly killed them last year and it is what is continuing to bleed their bottom line. Sony's investment group expects to be first to market this time around and they plan on having a strong lineup of games to launch with. (All they really need to do is learn from their past and they should be fine.)

Avatar image for clr84651


PS4 will be best, then the next Xbox, and Wii U a distant 3rd.

Avatar image for clr84651


Sony is having a much easier time going from PS3 to PS4 than from PS2 to PS3. They already have the Playstaion Store up, already have PSN in place, already know how to build a system with HDD-WiFi-HDMI-Bluray Drive etc built in. The only thing they have to do is put in higher memory and higher processors and GPU and choose a design for the outside. Much simpler this time around. They can build/design it faster and cheaper than they did the PS3 because much of what they need is already in place.

Avatar image for thatgamerguy120

@clr84651 @iPWNAGEGAMES90 they also need to boost RAM capacity and online gameplay porformance.

Avatar image for slainta

So, according to this report Sony would rather follow the MS approach of coming out first but with an inferior product instead of waiting a bit more and giving us the best? God forbids.

Avatar image for thatgamerguy120

@slainta I doubt they will make any drastic last minute changes to their console because of the specs of the 720. I don't doubt that they already have a better console so far anyway.

Avatar image for andytisnt

im going to wait untill the models are up dated anyways, the elite editions of Xbox and Slim versions of playstations are always more efficent and less hlitchy then the first models

Avatar image for Ravenlore_basic

If graphic are important then PC gaming is the way to go as NO PS4 OR XBOX3 will ever come close to a PC gaming rig .... Intel i7-990X extreme edition with Nvidia Gforce GTX 690 4GB.

As for me I am in no hurry I more or less will skip this gen unless I get A PC to run steam. But this gen is good enough over Xbox that I got a PS3 first when the price dropped. Comparing this gen in sales (Xbox and PS only) to last gen sales (again minus Nintendo Wii and GC) then the sales are not great for the consoles.

Avatar image for spookysev

@Ravenlore_basic nice system there - i7 3770k 3.5G 660ti OC x2 8mb viper :D

I hope these console are amazing because i think it would make a difference if they are to port console games to PC. (if that ever happens)

Avatar image for wyan_

The sooner the better. Next gen is two long, agonizing years late IMO.

Avatar image for Hey_Jay

Not even waiting for E3, eh? Hrmmm...

Avatar image for JasPlun

After reading Sony's patent on the disc technology preventing used game sales I think not.I know Microsoft was talking about something similar too,but since backed off the issue and will not have it on their next system.I am taking a wait and see approach before making a decision on which system I will buy this time.I can already say this is any of them prevent used game sales or try to skim from the top on used game sales I will buy none of them period.

I hope you my fellow gamers will unite with me on this issue and resist the temptaion to buy if they do support this move:P

Avatar image for maddog123

@JasPlun with you 100% bud

Avatar image for goldiba

I will die waiting for big and good games in ps3. I thought a golden age would come just like in ps1 and ps2.

Avatar image for buccomatic

@goldiba ps1 was awesome - best console ever.

ps2 and 3 sucked imo.

top 5 consoles of all time:

1. psone

2. snes

3. atari 2600

4. xbox 360

5. dreamcast

in that order. imo

Avatar image for slainta

@buccomatic @goldiba Anyone even thinking that the PS2 sucked has no rights to talk about consoles. Go imagine about making a list of top consoles. With ugly X360 included in it.

Avatar image for SirApathetic005

@goldiba Yep! And Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 5, God Of War: Descension, and other amazing games we have already been playing since the PS3 and Xbox360's release! I can't wait to play the same games over and over...but this time, IN ULTRA DEFINITION! I'm dying to spend money on a brand new television just for my home console.

This will be the best holiday season ever!...

Avatar image for neotheinstein

Avatar image for TransvormerSCol

@cherrycoke23 Don't compare Nintendo consoles in any way with ms or sony gaming consoles please. These are not comparable, since nintendo aims not the same goal like ms or sony's consoles.

Also, when there is a new replacement for xbox360 or ps3, they can not be power full like pc's hardware from the years 2012. 2012's pc hardware would be much more efficient than a 300-400€ gaming console, even then when it releases next year.

Avatar image for cherrycoke23

i understand what u mean but nintendo sony and microsoft all have to get there hardware from the same source they are all prety much using then same tech so microsoft and sony aint gonna be alot difference it could be probably double or tripple the 360 and ps3 but cant see it being more powerfull than that,but nintendo failed on the wii u they could of make a really good console but they went stupid with it and made it not as powerfull as the 360 and ps3 and made a stupid controller which is like an i pad and spoils it but its a good idea what they done but could of had sony and microsoft worrying but the failed. @TransvormerSCol

Avatar image for TransvormerSCol


Actually, Nintendo doesn't really want to compete against ms and sony's consoles, I see, because they don't have to. Nintendo's gaming console is not based on performance, it's based on having fun playing with non-high effort entertainment stuff. The nintendo consoles are more consoles for families and kids or just for amusement, while xbox and playstation aims full performance with high-effort and mostly adult only games like shooters or more or less brutal adventure games or something like that.

Therefore, Nintendo doesn't failed on the wii u console. For example, the most kids will love it and have fun with it anyway. If you're going to compare like this, than you shouldn't pay attention to nintendo but ms and/or sony.

Avatar image for neotheinstein

'Bungies top secret new game, a sci-fantasy, action shooter codenamed Destiny is heading to Xbox 360 & Xbox 720, (or Xbox 8 yet unannounced) in the fall of 2013 according to court documents that outline the studios ten-year contract with Activision.

As part of the lawsuit between Activision and Infinity Wards ex founders, Jason West and Vince Zampella documents outline a four game plan with the first release on next-gen Xbox consoles in Fall 2013 and PS4 in 2014. Further games in the franchise will be released in 2015, 2017 and 2019 respectively, and additionally inbetween those releases will be downloadable expansion packs codenamed Comet, starting in fall 2014, then continuing in 2016, 2018, and 2020. So assuming its a massive hit with gamers, Destiny is on course to be one MASSIVE franchise.'

Avatar image for cherrycoke23

could be true i think the game developers are the people making the games so they aint gonna lie but i also think that microsoft and sony got a dark side aswell and are extremely strict on what the developers say and they dont like when stuff gets leaked they are the super powers of the media world and they are big rivalries so anything leaked or said they have to cover up otherwise its a loss in billions of money so u can kind of understand why they are all secret, but they try and bring new products out like new windows 8 so people wont talk about the nex gen consoles and leaving CES was a big clue because they got something big going on at microsoft but i think the ps3 will announce this year with micrisoft but sony will be last again coz they just spend millions on the new super slim ps3 but yet again it could be a cover for them to bring out the ps4, its all secret and the only people who know are microsoft sony and the game developers so we have to wait and see lol there might be big suprises in E3. @neotheinstein

Avatar image for TransvormerSCol

Since when is Sony cooperating with Microsoft (and voice versa) to announce their systems? These two guys are rivals and embodiment of true enemy lol...

anyway, I don't think so that ms is going to develop a new gaming console and sony won't too, since they talked about 10 years cycle life time for ps3. So no ps4 before 2016.

Avatar image for amaga1


ps3 ll still support from devs.

look at run more then 10 yeras.even after ps3 launch,titles came on it,

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@TransvormerSCol That is a supported life cycle with games coming out for it. The ps2 lasted till just a while back - not bad for 13 ish years.

They will have new consoles out this year and start of 8th gen - but will still support the 7th gen as planned.

Oh and MS and Sony are not working together for a single presentation at the GDC, but both will present separate announcements. Should read not skim over.

Avatar image for okassar

Good. I feel like they always have to rush in E3 because so much is going on.

Avatar image for Gblazer01

Make it happen Sony/Microsoft!!!!

Avatar image for daveg1

march next year for the ps4

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@daveg1 they will put out what they got even if its a very small amount like the ps3, ps2. To allow even a few months lead would be - well sony already knows how bad it would be.

Avatar image for Divad222

@jenovaschilld @daveg1 Revealing the console too early before launch is going to significantly hinder their console sales for this generation. Only 2 months away. We shall see what happens

Avatar image for Derugs

Who cares... I'll get it 3 yrs later when a new smaller model comes out and they've worked out all the bugs. And getting an xbox is just a waste of life.

Avatar image for BreakingSpecter

I knew they would announce a new console this year.