PS4 Will Get a New Shooter From Creator of Critically Acclaimed Shoot 'em Up Ikaruga

Hiroshi Iuchi hasn't ruled out bringing the game to other platforms.

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Japanese game developer Hiroshi Iuchi, who created critically acclaimed shoot 'em ups like Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun, announced that he's currently working on a new shooting game at developer M2 for the PlayStation 4.

Iuchi, who revealed the news on his official blog (via Siliconera), didn't say much about the game other than its name, Ubusuna, and that it's being developed for the PS4 as a downloadable title. However, Iuchi didn't rule out the possibility that Ubusuna will release on other platforms as well. Iuchi said that he usually doesn't like to talk about a game this far in advance, but that M2 told him that fans of the genre would wait patiently even if they make an early announcement.

If you've never played one of Iuchi's games before, publisher Treasure recently released Ikaruga on PC via Steam for $10. You can find GameSpot's full review of the game here.

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