PS4 VR Headset Is a "Hugely Powerful Weapon" for Game Devs, Sony Says

"It's so easy, it's almost unfair."


PlayStation executive Shuhei Yoshida has spoken out to talk about the how revolutionary he thinks virtual reality technology like Sony's own Project Morpheus PlayStation VR will be on the gaming industry. In a new interview, he says the head-mounted tech is like the "ultimate weapon" for developers big and small.

"Using VR tech, it's so easy, it's almost unfair," he told Stuff at the Tokyo Game Show. "It's like an ultimate weapon. I think it's going to be a hugely powerful weapon for game developers to create new and exciting experiences for consumers."

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Yoshida went on to say that developers, even those on small budgets, can find success with VR, provided they can come up with a compelling enough idea.

“You can create totally amazing experiences with very very limited resources if you have the right idea," he explained. "One of the examples is a soccer game called Headmaster. Its developed by a small indie developer, but everybody still really enjoyed it."

PlayStation VR will launch in the first half of 2016. Sony will have at least 10 titles available at launch, but they have not been announced. Concerning cost, PlayStation boss Andrew House recently said the device will be priced similarly to a new console.

During Sony's Tokyo Game Show briefing this week, the company officially announced that PlayStation VR would be the name of the device, replacing Project Morpheus.

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