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PS4 Virtual Reality Headset Now Coming This Fall, GameStop CEO Says

Plus, Paul Raines says GameStop expects to "dominate" the VR market.


[UPDATE] A representative for GameStop told GameSpot today that it is excited to see PlayStation VR come to market, but didn't have anything to say regarding a release date.

"There is certainly a lot of excitement around virtual reality. To clarify, Sony has not officially announced a release date for PlayStation VR. Whenever it launches, we are excited about how the technology will change gaming."

The original story is about.

According to GameStop CEO Paul Raines, Sony's PlayStation VR headset is not going to make it out in the first half of 2016 as previously announced. In an interview with Fox News this week (via VideoGamer), Raines said his company is preparing for the launches of PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. Among other things, he revealed a release window for Sony's headset that was later than previously announced.

"We are right now preparing for the launches of the major VR products," he said. "We're in discussions with Oculus, HTC, and Sony. It's a big launch, we're getting ready for it. We will launch the Sony product this fall and we are in discussions with the other two players."

GameSpot has contacted GameStop and Sony in an attempt to get more details. We'll update this post with anything we hear back.

Also in the interview, Raines said it is "really hard" for GameStop to model the virtual reality market size. He said he's seen a number of different measurements from research firms, all of them predicting revenue from virtual reality to be in the billions. One in particular that he cited, a report from Goldman Sachs, stated the the virtual reality category would reach $80 billion by 2025.

Raines went on to say that he expects GameStop to "dominate" in the virtual reality space.

"When you bring to bear our market dominance, our PowerUp Rewards program, and the fact that we have over a billion dollars in trade currency every year, it's hard for us not to dominate it," he said.

This follows from a presentation Raines gave in January 2016, during which he said he's hopeful that companies like Sony, Oculus, and HTC will see GameStop as a store that's uniquely positioned to help sell their devices and bring them to the masses.

He also said PlayStation VR had the strongest games lineup of all virtual reality headsets, based on what he'd seen so far. At the time, he also mentioned that GameStop sent a team to Hawaii that month to attend a Sony sales meeting, so it definitely sounds like GameStop is in the know regarding PlayStation VR's launch plans.

In other news about PlayStation VR, a recent report suggested the headset, which runs on PlayStation 4, might cost $400-$600. Additionally, one of the platform's lead developers has left Sony.

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