PS4 Users Rally for Improved PSN Through New Website

PlayStation fans want a better PSN.


While the PlayStation Network has experienced a number of instability issues recently, the service overall is missing a number of seemingly basic features. A group of PlayStation fans have now set up a campaign called Better PSN to help bring Sony's attention to the improvements that fans most want to see.

After starting out as a thread on NeoGAF, a new website,, has gone online to coordinate the efforts. This primarily involves tweeting with a hashtag, #BetterPSN, to Sony executives like Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes.

Some of the proposed improvements
Some of the proposed improvements

The website also allows users to make suggestions for new features or improvements they'd like to see, as well as vote on those submitted by others. Currently, the most popular ideas include the ability to change your online status, better profile pages (with stats, favorite game lists, screenshots, and so on), continuous trophy syncing, and enhanced friends lists. Others include ways to send recorded videos to friends, disable party notifications, and delete unwanted items from the PS4's library.

Sony itself already has a website for suggesting new PSN features, PlayStation Blog Share. There, the top-requested feature is one that's also popular on Better PSN: a way to change your PlayStation Network ID. This is something you can do on Xbox Live (albeit for a fee), but it's been absent from PSN since its inception. Sony says this hasn't been allowed in the interest of inhibiting trolls.

It remains to be seen what Sony's response to this new campaign will be. The last major PS4 update came in March, adding new PSN features like Share Play, verified accounts, and a way to search for PSN friends using your Facebook account.

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