PS4 Update 6.50 Beta Is Live, Invites Going Out; Here's Everything We Know

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Now Playing: PS4 System Update 6.50 Beta Invites Going Out Now - GS News Update

Members of the PlayStation 4 system software beta program can try out the next iteration of the console's firmware now. Invites have gone out for PS4's 6.50 beta, letting players kick the tires and test the stability of an update that is mostly focused on, what else, stability.

The invite notes that firmware 6.50 "does not include any new major consumer-facing features" but requests the community's help "fine-tuning the performance and stability improvements the update brings." Interested testers can download the beta through a special link, and then provide feedback on a beta forum.

This is similar to the 6.00 update, which despite being a whole number was focused squarely on stability improvements. Sony is being more upfront about that fact this time around though, after functionality in the 6.00 beta was kept a secret known only to testers. That left the eventual roll-out somewhat of a disappointment when it didn't do much at all.

We do know that some consumer-facing features are on the way, however, including the long-awaited PSN name change feature. Those who have access to that beta have been able to change their name for free the first time, and then at $10 USD/CAD / €9.99 / £7.99 for each subsequent change. PlayStation Plus members get a break, costing only $5 USD/CAD / €4.99 / £3.99. But Sony also warned those testing the feature that it could lead to losses of data, including DLC purchases, game saves, and more.

Sony also just announced its PlayStation Plus games for February, which include For Honor and the full first season of Hitman, Divekick, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Gunhouse and Rogue Aces. February will mark the last month that PS Plus includes PS3 and Vita games, but Sony is offering significantly more cloud storage space.

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Avatar image for Ravanofdarkness

Seriously Sony?!? How about improving the Streaming Service by letting us move the ChatBox around or have the Chat Text fade-in and out or even add a Microphone Sound Volume Option thats seperate for the Streaming alone to increase or decrease the Volume etc... Seriously get off your ass or drop the PS+ Subscription.

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Sign up to see how much content you lose on a name change. No thanks.

Avatar image for Vodoo

Sony hasn't put out an update that adds extra features in a VERY long time. Most of their recent updates over the past couple years just say "stability and performance enhancements." I would actually like to know in what way the performance has been enhanced instead of the ambiguous statements.

This seems to be what happens every time a hardware company gets ahead by a large margin... The innovation on the machine stops. Last gen the 360 said it would have quarterly updates, meaning 4 times per year. That happened for the first year and a half. Then it would slowly decline until they would update once a year.

Sony is much worse with adding new features though. I think the last update that did anything good (not like a PSN name change) was almost 2 years ago.

Avatar image for barcaazul

Sounds a bit pointless a beta for very little.

I would like to be able to share videos just with friends and avoid social media

Avatar image for jumalan75

@barcaazul: would be nice to have a personal page that screenshots and videos could be posted on. Just within the psn network. Then you could link it to or allow it to be seen by friends.

Almost like a trophy room of sorts. Purchases on psn, Trophies, other factors could add up to a sort of digital customization currency for you trophy room or something. That would be fun

Avatar image for barcaazul


That would also be good. I was thinking more friends chats, but that would be nice too.

Avatar image for sippio

PSN namechange isn't a good thing imo.

*ive had the same PSN name since the PS2 or whenever it started..

I understand people make mistakes or whatever & have achievments

or games tied to account & don't want to lose it/em..

My concern is the griefers,trolls are parasites who will somehow use the feature for nefarious reasons..

Avatar image for capmarveljr

Sorry to bother. Does anyone have the same problem I have? I've got the invitation mail but, when I try to redeem the code, I get a message that says there's "no room" for me and I don't get any code. Any idea how to contact Sony and solve this? Thank you

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@capmarveljr: Try PlayStation. com support. Only place to try.

Avatar image for capmarveljr

@Vodoo: things are OK, now. They had a problem now solved

Avatar image for WarGreymon77

Still no mp3 or music CD support.

Avatar image for jaykobwerdnahs

Nope - not for me, thanks.

Avatar image for Tidus1012

Like 90% of PS4's firmware updates are "stability and system performance", still I'm getting the stupid CE-34787-0 error in many games.

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i loaded up a ps4 last week the graphics made me spew lol, the 2013 machine really looks like a 2013 machine, so outdated. Console gaming is dead if this is the best on offer

Avatar image for sippio

@pcgamer2019: I'm sorry you had to be near the peasant gamers My Fuhrer..

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@pcgamer2019: Oh great, another toxic, card carrying member of the beggar race. Just what we needed...

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@aross2004: Don't mind him, he's trying to justify having to upgrade his rig on a monthly basis. No price is too great for being able to keep ULTRA setting graphics on the latest games.

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@Darkflare_EX: You're right. I went and looked at all 15 or so posts from this user, and it's obvious that we can safely ignore all of his/her posts without missing anything of substance.

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@pcgamer2019: I loaded up a SNES last week and I'm not sure what you're talking about.