PS4 Update 5.05 Out Now, Here's What It Does (Not Much)

Sony's latest PS4 patch promises to improve system performance (again).


PlayStation 4's latest system software update is available to download now, but don't expect it to do all that much. According to Sony, firmware update 5.05 "improves system performance." The patch weighs in at around 375 MB, and it's mandatory to install--just turn your PS4 on and the update should begin downloading automatically.

System performance is the subject of many PS4 updates, but an upcoming patch promises to be a little more substantial. Sony is currently taking registrations from players who want to beta test a "major" PS4 update in February, though we don't currently know what will be included.

The most recent big PS4 patch was update 5.0. It included new features based around the console's in-built streaming capabilities, as well as an enhanced Friends List, more versatile Quick Menu, and overhauled parental control features.

There's no word yet on when we'll be able to change our PSN usernames--a feature much-requested by the PlayStation community. However, Sony hinted at PSX that this capability may arrive within the year. In other PlayStation news, Sony recently revealed a new Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro special edition, while the glacier white PS4 Pro is finally coming to North America.

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