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PS4 Update 4.00 Arrives This Week, Brings New Features Not in the Beta

4.00 includes more than just folders and a redesigned menu.


The PS4's next big system update, version 4.00, arrives tomorrow, September 13, Sony announced today. In addition to the features that beta testers have been checking out for weeks, it also includes some other new things.

As detailed in a PlayStation Blog post, the 4.00 update adds another new option to the redesign Quick Menu (the thing you access by holding the PlayStation button). The Music section of the menu lets you easily control Spotify without leaving your game. You can play, pause, skip, shuffle, repeat, and save songs from here, as well as find new playlists recommended for whatever you're playing.

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Other refinements to the system's interface include a redesigned content info screen--the thing you see when pressing down after highlighting a game on your home screen. Similarly, the What's New screen has been updated with a new layout.

4.00 also adds support for HDR to all play PS4s, something Sony announced last week. This will be an option located in the Video Output Settings menu for existing PS4s and the new slim PS4, as well as the PS4 Pro.

Those who get a Pro when it launches in November will also find support for several new features added in this update. As we learned recently, the system features 1080p streaming for Share Play and Remote Play (but only to PC/Mac and Xperia devices, not Vita), as well as 1080p/30 FPS streaming to Twitch and 1080p 30/60 FPS streaming to YouTube.

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Finally, there's a new data transfer feature that lets you move your games, saves, and account info from one PS4 to another over a wired LAN connection. This should make it easy to upgrade to a slim PS4 or PS4 Pro, provided you're not trading in or selling your existing system before getting your hands on a new one.

Other, previously announced aspects of update 4.00 include redesigned menus and--best of all--folders for managing your games and apps.

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