PS4 to Reach 69 Million Sold by 2019, Xbox One 39 Million - Report

Sony's lead will continue, apparently.


By 2019, there will be around 108 million combined PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems in the market, with Sony's console leading the way with 69 million sold. Microsoft's Xbox One will make up the other 39 million.

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This is all according to data featured in a Game Developers Conference presentation from World of Tanks developer Wargaming creative director and executive producer TJ Wagner that was recently made public.

Another slide from the presentation claims there are 36 million active PS4 consoles in the market today, ahead of an estimated 19 million Xbox One systems. Wargaming got its numbers from sources including Superdata, IDG Consulting, and IHS, so bear in mind that these numbers don't come directly from the source.

In terms of official numbers, Sony said in January that the PS4 had sold nearly 36 million systems worldwide. Microsoft does not share Xbox One sales figures, but it was reported that, months ago, there were around 18 million active Xbox Ones in the market.

In 2015, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said Sony's lead in the current-generation console sales race was so large that he was unsure that Microsoft would ever be able to catch up. It doesn't sound like Microsoft is stressing too much in its No. 2 position, either. "We're not motivated by beating Sony, we're motivated by gaining as many customers as we can," Spencer said at the time.

The full Wargaming GDC presentation is stuffed with interesting insight about the free-to-play market on console and more. You can check it out here or read DualShockers' roundup of key points.

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