PS4 The Last of Us “Complete Edition” listed on Spanish retailer site

Sony has yet to confirm that it’s bringing a physical and download version of the game to PlayStation 4.

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Spanish retailer XtraLife is now allowing customers to pre-order a PlayStation 4 version of The Last of Us “Complete Edition,” which also comes with its Left Behind DLC and a one-strap backpack.

XtraLife has priced the game at €65, which is almost $90, and listed the release date as June 19.

The listing appeared only a few days after PlayStation Turkey VP Sercan Sulun said The Last of Us will soon be coming to the PlayStation 4 as both a physical and digital release. At this point, this rumor has not been officially confirmed by Sony. As we said when we first reported on the story, the up-res gambit worked for the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition update, but sometimes executives are just confused or wrong.

The listing on XtraLife seems pretty specific, but keep in mind that the cover art could be easily faked, and that XtraLife seems to offer other game-branded products, like this Battlefield 4 water bottle.

For more on The Last of Us, check out our previous coverage.

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