PS4 Studio Quantic Dream Denies Allegations Of Poor Studio Culture And Harassment

"We categorically deny all of these allegations."

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[UPDATE] A translation one of the original reports was not entirely accurate regarding the claims levied against Quantic Dream co-founder Guillaume de Fondaumiere. A translation originally claimed that the executive was accused of "pushing kisses" on employees during parties. But the more accurate translation relates to the tradition of air-kissing when people meet. de Fondaumiere stands accused of taking this to a more inappropriate level, though he told Eurogamer, "Please note I categorically refute all allegations, in particular 'hitting on staff.'"

The original story is below.

Quantic Dream, the French studio headed by David Cage and responsible for games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and the upcoming Detroit: Become Human, has found itself in the middle of controversy over claims that it has an unhealthy working culture. Reports published in French media today, translated and reported on by Eurogamer, accuse Quantic Dream and co-founders Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumiere of acting inappropriately. Cage and de Fondaumiere told French newspaper Le Monde that they are "very surprised" and "shocked" by what they called "rantings" of developers who have since left the studio. Quantic Dream put out a statement today, January 14, responding to what it described as "various allegations" against it, denying everything.

"We categorically deny all of these allegations," the statement says. "Quantic Dream filed a complaint several months ago and further complaints will follow. We invite interested parties to read the response of our Employee Representative and Health & Security Committee to questions submitted by the journalists prior to publication. Inappropriate conduct or practices have no place at Quantic Dream."

"We have taken and always will take such grievances very seriously. We value every single person who works at Quantic Dream. It is of utmost importance to us that we maintain a safe environment that allows us all to channel our shared passion for making video games."

One part of the report is regarding hundreds of photoshopped images that show some of Quantic Dream's "collaborators" in sexual positions and with references to homophobic or sexist slurs," Le Monde reported. These images, which reportedly date back to 2013, were apparently sent in group emails and even made their way to Cage and de Fondaumiere. It was in early 2017 that many of the images were discovered, at which time complaints were made. According to the report, Cage and de Fondaumiere said they only saw the images that "were funny or more or less amusing" before that time.

Also in the reports, it is claimed that Cage demands long hours from his employees and does not always listen to others. He also stands accused of making dirty jokes and not doing enough to consider the opinions of female colleagues. Quantic Dream has a staff of around 180 people; around 83 percent are male, apparently.

For his part, Cage said the claims are "ridiculous, absurd, and grotesque." He added: "You want to talk about homophobia? I work with Ellen Page, who fights for LGBT rights. You want to talk about racism? I work with Jesse Williams, who fights for civil rights in the USA... Judge me by my work."

de Fondaumiere is alleged to have hit on staff at parties. He said in response, "It's absolutely false. None of any of this happened at any evening event."

You can read Eurogamer's full report here, while stories in the French media (which are published in French), can be read through the links below. Note that some of the stories contain images that may not be safe for work.

Quantic Dream's next game is Detroit: Become Human, which arrives this year for PlayStation 4. It tells the story of androids who are coming to terms with their own sentience.

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i dont care about your studio culture or stuff, i just want more great games from you guys.

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"Quantic Dream has a staff of around 180 people; around 83 percent are male, apparently."

If it were 100% there would be no accusations. The solution seems obvious.

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David Cage's statement "Cage said the claims are "ridiculous, absurd, and grotesque." He added: "You want to talk about homophobia? I work with Ellen Page, who fights for LGBT rights. You want to talk about racism? I work with Jesse Williams, who fights for civil rights in the USA... Judge me by my work.""

Reads like the typical "no I'm not racist I have a black friend" ...

If they were doing what they are accused of then that's totally gross.

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Just more gamergate bs. When will they learn that it's not going to work. We'll still buy quantic games, or any games we want, no matter what some idiot has accused people of doing. Because it's irrelevant to how good a game is.

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So.. dude makes dirty jokes and "not doing enough to consider the opinions of female colleagues", which is the most weak generic empty accusation I ever heard in my life, and now this is a big fuss?

And then you people complain why there isnt enough women in the industry.

Even the air-kissing when people meet got translated as "pushing kisses", like the dude was a sexual maniac kissing people here and there. Honestly? **** you people, this PC bullshit is so far up in your own asses you dont even know what common sense is anymore.

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@sticktaler36: This is news that unfolding about a game company. It is worthy of being reported on in a gaming website.

You can not like it, you can disagree with it, but you can't say that it's not news about the industry.

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@sticktaler36: It's about a Game company which is newsworthy on a site about gaming.

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@sticktaler36: If they get sued out of existence, or forced to resign/be fired due to behavior, it would.

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@sticktaler36: Just don’t read it. Why’s that so hard?

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@sticktaler36: Sorry to break it to you but you’re always going to come across something you don’t like, it’s part of being an adult, suck it up and get over it. Best advice you will get , don’t take it personal

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at my job I joke around guys only and women who joke like the guys

stay away from women with blue hair or sjw since they just bring trouble (even other women despise sjw)

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Oh no! The staff had to work long every single other video game developer in existence!

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@Thanatos2k: I agree with your post 👍🏻

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@Thanatos2k: They not only had to work extra hours, the boss was caught making the duck-face(or how they call it, "air-kissing") at a office party! The horror! The sheer horror!

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@Thanatos2k: Well those long crunching work sessions are an industry-wide issue so the complain is valid. But long working hours certainly wouldn't excuse poor/unsavoury behaviour that's for sure.

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When will men learn? Stop hitting on women at work! Stop talking to them entirely at work unless it's about work. It's not that difficult. You want to joke around with the guys? it when you know no female coworkers can hear you. All a woman needs to do is accuse you and you're fired or worse. Lastly, don't even look at them. Extreme I know but try your best not to stare at the very least.

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@romeothebeast: I get that you're joking, but we're not very far from getting to your scenario.

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@livedreamplay: I wasn't joking

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@romeothebeast: If you weren't joking it's worrysome. First of all, this is not a woman-only issue, women flirt with me at work constantly, that doesn't mean I'm going to fill in harassment forms all day long. Secondly, we humans are social creatures, if we spend half of our day at work, we're going to socialize at work, and that innevitably leads to more than just recipe talks. ;)

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@livedreamplay: Well...good luck out there. At least you understand the risks and willingly accept them.

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@romeothebeast: I don't know where you drew that conclusion from, but ok...

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@livedreamplay: I don't care what you do during your work day. I drew my conclusion based on your response saying that people will eventually socialize at work and possibly lead the conversation away from just "recipe talk". I said good luck out there because I assumed you will still interact with and even hit on women in the workplace. If that's not the case then forget what I said. No luck needed when you avoid that kind of interaction in the first place (which is what I initially recommended to men). Hope that cleared things up.

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@romeothebeast: I had some relationships with a few co-workers, indeed, but thankfully I live in a country where flirting is still considered something fun and interesting, instead of something horrible or frowned upon. And where it's not against the law to fall in love, even if you love someone from work.

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@romeothebeast: So what you’re saying is women are more important than men “don’t talk to them or look at them”. But hey women are always innocent right? They never talk dirty at work or anything. This is just more bs since all the Hollywood stars are coming out making allegations, it’s a new thing to give women more power over men and make them into predators

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@customx5: No, what I am saying is men should go to work to work. It's about making money. Plenty of other places in the world to hit on women where their jobs wouldn't be on the line. Basically, we as men have to adapt to the current environment.

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@romeothebeast: I agree to having professionalism at work , but if you really like someone you shouldn’t be afraid to say so. Keep in mind I’m not saying to be a pervert or anything, just keep it clean.

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@romeothebeast: Maybe when women stop thinking anyone who even so much as looks at them is actually thinking of raping them.

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@romeothebeast: You have to put us in the basement with Milton from Office Space :-p

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THE GAMING COMMUNITY IS A CESSPOOL OF TOXICITY AND BS!! Holy Sh#t! And using "SJW" to make someone look weak is the most idiotic backward hillbilly joe cajun cracker backwoods shit I've ever heard. REAL LIFE HEROES would be considered SJW's MLK, GHANDI, MALCOLM X, ROSA PARKS, FELA KUTI, JIGNESH MEVANI, ETC some of the baddest mf's to walk this planet. People these days are sensitive YES! But people are also extreme A**holes! But don't get sensitivity and being a piece of crap human confused with bad vs. good. Crappy humans will always be bad.

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@nativepixel: All of the people you mentioned wanted their people to be treated based on character not on skin color, race or creed, which is exactly the opposite of what identity politics is

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@nativepixel: Many of the people you referenced aren't heroes - Gandhi was a creep, Malcolm X was an extremist, Rosa Parks is known for sitting down on a bus.

Even then, if MLK saw the SJW movement, I guarantee he'd oppose it. He wouldn't support their candy-ass BS and bigotry.