PS4 Slim Announced, Launching This Month

You're shocked, right?


Sony has officially confirmed the existence of the new, slimmer PS4 system that we've been hearing about for the past few weeks.

The reveal was the first bit of news addressed during today's event. It's a smaller, more energy efficient system with a 500 GB hard drive that will become the standard PS4 going forward. It will be in "most markets" on September 15 for $299 (299 Euros/259 GBP).

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According to Sony, its volume has been reduced by 30 percent and it weighs between 16 and 25 percent less (depending on the specific model of the standard PS4). Additionally, it uses between 28 and 34 percent less power.

Today's reveal comes as no surprise. Not only had the existence of a slim PS4 been rumored, but multiple people had actually gotten their hands on them, sharing photos, videos, and impressions online. This began in August when one person bought the redesigned system on the equivalent of Craigslist in the UK, with more people subsequently getting their hands on them as well.

This is the second new PS4 to be announced this year, following the confirmation of a more powerful, 4K-capable system in June. More details on that system were also revealed today, as we learned it's called the PS4 Pro.

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