PS4 shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall getting four-player co-op DLC in June

Intercept DLC for Killzone: Shadow Fall coming in June, but will also be released as a standalone PS4 title later in the year.


Killzone: Shadow Fall

PS4 shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall will be getting a DLC expansion that brings four-player co-op to the game this June, developer Guerrilla Games has announced.

Dubbed Intercept, the new mode tasks you and three of your online chums to buddy up and intercept military transmissions from enemy Helghast bases. Each of you will take a specific role, too, choosing between Assault, Marksman, Medic, and Tactician, with the latter class being geared towards defensive play thanks to their ability to deploy sentry turrets. I trust you'll be able to figure out what the other three are good at.

On the other team are a bunch of AI Helghast that also have their own roles and goals. The AI can capture its own locations, as well as call in its own champions based off characters from the single-player campaign. The DLC's four maps are also inspired by locations from the single-player.

As you might expect, teamwork is encouraged. Success or failure comes from establishing a hefty team score, which allows your team to set up their own hacking uplinks. Players have their own personal score, too, which is gained from kills, captures, and ability use, and this can be banked to increase the team score. Guerilla adds that bonuses for getting team score include artillery strikes and jetpacks. Jetpacks! This is definitely the mode that Guerrilla was teasing the other day, then.

Intercept will be given away to Killzone: Shadow Fallt season pass holders for free when it's released in June, and will also be released later in the year as a standalone expansion for the game. A price for those who own Killzone: Shadow Fall but not the season pass was given.

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