PS4 "Sets a Benchmark" for All of Sony, CEO Says

"PlayStation 4 is the embodiment of those things that we value as an organization."


With close to 36 million systems sold in two years, the PlayStation 4 is a huge success. So it may not be too surprising to learn that Sony sees the gaming console as a "benchmark" for the entire company. Speaking during Sony's CES briefing last night, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai extolled the PS4 and its capabilities.

"PlayStation 4 sets a benchmark for our organization in terms of collaboration, of engineering, creativity, artistry, and also experiential design," Hirai said, as reported by DualShockers.

"Sony's innovation has inspired the creativity of enthusiasts, gamers, developers, and publishers, who are devoted to the PlayStation 4," the executive went on to say. "The PlayStation 4 is the embodiment of those things that we value as an organization: powerful technology, advancement ahead of the curve… PlayStation 4 has built a very passionate community."

Hirai added that Sony remains in "constant dialogue" with the PlayStation community as part of an effort to listen to their ideas to hopefully deliver "new, better, and more exciting gaming experiences."

"And we're really thrilled to see just how effectively PS4 has encouraged sharing, created a dynamic portal to games and entertainment, and immersed gamers in compelling narrative experiences," Hirai said.

Also during his talk, Hirai mentioned the fact that PS4 sold 5.7 million units this holiday, bringing the system's new life-to-date tally to 35.9 million consoles globally.

Sony's CES briefing didn't bring any actual gaming product news, however, and there was no mention of PlayStation VR (which is due to launch in the coming months) during the hour-long broadcast.

For a recap of the big announcements, check out the video above from GameSpot sister site CNET.

CES 2016 runs for the rest of the week from Las Vegas. GameSpot has a team on the ground and will bring you the big news as it's announced.

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