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PS4 Scores Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Exclusivity Deal at E3 2015

Map packs and online betas of Activision's blockbuster FPS will be available first on PlayStation 4.


Sony brought an end to several years of Microsoft timed-exclusivity of Call of Duty DLC on Monday, announcing on its stage at E3 2015 that Black Ops 3 add-on content will be coming to PlayStation 4 first.

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The platform holder rolled out its Group CEO, Andrew House, to make the announcement. House introduced to the stage Mark Lamia, the studio head at Treyarch, to reveal the game for the first time with all new gameplay footage.

World-reveal footage of the game appears to show a somewhat familiar futuristic setting.

House returned to the stage to declare that, in his eyes, PlayStation 4 is the new home for Call of Duty. After declaring the map-pack timed exclusivity deal for Black Ops 3, as well as an exclusive beta, House claimed that the deal will continue beyond Black Ops 3.

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