PS4 Sales Quadruple in UK Amid Destiny Launch Frenzy

Rush of marketing for Sony hardware bundle ignites interest.

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Sony has recorded its most successful ever week of PlayStation 4 hardware sales in the UK, due to the craze of interest in Activision's Destiny.

Industry publication MCV claims that PS4 sales soared 300 percent week-on-week during the launch of Destiny. Final sales numbers were not disclosed, though it was claimed that Sony's next-gen console had doubled Xbox One sales during the seven-day period.

Destiny was advertised principally as a PS4 game in the UK, with Microsoft prohibited from advertising it for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Most TV spots and billboard adverts featured the Destiny PS4 hardware bundle.

Those restrictions on Microsoft led to its ad team publishing a spoof Destiny perfume advert, which was removed shortly after going live.

Sony executives have previously said that they are treating Destiny as though it were a first-party title.

However, week one sales of Destiny showed a 50/50 split across Sony and Microsoft's cross-gen platforms, with the Xbox 360 version selling way ahead of the PS3 version.

Worldwide, Activision estimates that Destiny sell-through grossed about $325 million within five days.

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