PS4 Sales Fall Compared With Last Year

Sony has now shipped around 76.5 million systems worldwide so far.


Electronics giant Sony today announced earnings for the period ended December 31, showing slowing PlayStation 4 sales. For the quarter, Sony shipped 9 million PS4 consoles, which compares to 9.7 million during the same period last year.

In October, Sony announced there were 67.5 million PS4s shipped, so with the 9 million more added in this earnings report, that comes to 76.5 million as of December 31. By comparison, the PlayStation 3 sold more than 80 million units worldwide, so the PS4 is closing in on that.

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In other Sony news, CEO Kaz Hirai--who was previously the boss of the PlayStation business, has stepped down. He will officially leave his post on April 1 (this is not an April Fools' joke).

Sony's video game division, which is called Game & Network Services, saw its sales and operating income increase year-over-year, as you can see in the chart. The uptick in revenue was due in part to increased PS4 game sales, including digital sales through PSN.

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Sony, which is a massive company whose other branches including film, TV, and music, reported revenue of $23.65 billion, which is up 11.5 percent compared to last year. The company pulled in $2 million in profit for the period, which is up from last year.

You can read Sony's full earnings report here on the company's investor site.

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