PS4's lowest-rated game will be rebuilt from scratch, developer pledges

A new version of Basement Crawl, currently the lowest-rated PS4 game to date, will be released for free to current owners.


Basement Crawl
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The developer behind the lowest-rated game on PlayStation 4, Basement Crawl, has said to GameSpot that it is working to rebuild the game from scratch as a way of apologising to those who purchased it to begin with.

Basement Crawl was released back in February, and was described as a "lackluster, multiplayer-only Bomberman clone bereft of features" in its GameSpot review. The title also has an overall rating of 27 on review aggregator (and GameSpot sister site) Metacritic, currently giving it the lowest Metascore of any PlayStation 4 title released to date. Even NBA Live 14 scraped a 43!

Bloober Team's Marc Colhoun told GameSpot that the developer is now looking to rebuild the game entirely. "Firstly, I think that I should start this off by apologising to those of you who bought Basement Crawl and have been waiting for us to fix it," said Colhoun. "The game was a mess for both you and us."

"Usually, what you will see at this point is a lot of marketing talk and maybe a patch. Rather than accepting defeat on this and issuing a patch that kinda fixes this or kinda improves that, we have decided to just come out and explain to you where we are right now and what we plan to do. We have been rebuilding the game, completely from scratch and on a new engine."

"I know that this isn’t really the way things are usually done in the industry, but I think that if you have put a bad product out to people it is your job to do what you can to fix that. Even if it means going back to the drawing board on a game that has already been released."

"We don’t want to come out and say that this [new version] is going to be 10/10 GoTY, but just a way for us to regain the trust of gamers. We also really don’t want anyone to think that this is some kind of quick money grab. So, we will be giving this game for free to people who bought the original game. This is our priority, to ensure that we give you what you expected from us. To do this we are getting in touch with as many people as we can that bought the game to get feedback and help ensure that you guys are just as much part of the process as we are."

"This deals with the technical issues we ran into but a few of you spoke about how there needs to be a tutorial, AI, more game types and so on. We have added all of these things into the game and more. We aren’t talking about it too much right now simply because we are in no position to be making promises to people."

If you aren't interested in downloading the new version of Basement Crawl, a patch for the existing build will also be made available in the future. No dates for either the rebuilt or patched versions of Basement Crawl was given.

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Avatar image for xOmniCloudx

At least they're taking responsibility. Can't be cheap either and they serve to risk more than gain in this case.

Avatar image for dani_i89

Serves you right if you bought this. Seriously, why even consider it?

Avatar image for zerohournow

I thought this was for knack...

Avatar image for thecman25

Now this is how its done, ill wait and see if more people actually start playing this game again

Avatar image for ohjtbehaaave

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! And it ain't over now !!

Avatar image for HellbornBlight

<< LINK REMOVED >> ...Animal House. Had to google that lol.

Avatar image for ohjtbehaaave

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Rent it you haven't seen it. It's a classic.

Avatar image for jerusaelem

Exciting news for all seven people who purchased a copy Basement Crawler!

...the ones that didn't save their receipts and/or had the game given to them by a well meaning, albeit senile, old grandmother that knows that her 34 year old grandson "likes the video games the kids are tweeting these days" and picked it up in a walmart discount bin.

Avatar image for KSSuperhero

They should just bury this turd next to E.T. and give refunds and close their doors for good.

Avatar image for thecman25

<< LINK REMOVED >> if only people could read the article

Avatar image for jpptaz

This is just classic $ony to put this Uninspired, unpolished garbage that plays like absolute s*** on their store. What a f****** disaster.....

Avatar image for thecman25

<< LINK REMOVED >> *cough* microsoft wants you're soul

Avatar image for nl_skipper

<< LINK REMOVED >> Oh yea, because the Sony store is the only place you can buy awful games, right?!

Avatar image for jer_1

This is a good thing for them to do. BC might have been a really bad game but I'm sure most people would give them another chance if they make good on this.

Avatar image for BrokenChaos666

If only all developers and publishers could be like this. We would have a lot less money-grabbing crap drowning out the hidden gems. ._.

Avatar image for Feenspear


*cough* the walking dead survival instincts..

Avatar image for abcdefgabcdefgz

<< LINK REMOVED >> true its a nice attitude or pr stunt but its not practical to redo a AAA game if it ends up sucking

Avatar image for keech

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Then AAA devs/pubs should learn to get it right the first time. That or reassess their broken development processes and bloated budgets.

Avatar image for pcty

It is just hilarious how everyone who is in the bottom always try act nice and be the humble super decent guy.

Damage control doesn't make you a decent person or a better developer.

Avatar image for jecomans

<< LINK REMOVED >> You would rather devs act like Wild Games or Killjoy, perhaps?

Avatar image for voljin1987

mighty decent of them

Avatar image for meedokicky

Never even heard of this before. But I applaud your courage :]

Avatar image for MattyTheButcher

Wait, was this game about murdering grandma? They make those kinda games?

Avatar image for ashxgeist

If only more devs followed this path.....

Avatar image for RSM-HQ

If they want that Bomber-Man experience? Make it worth its inspiration, from the best the series offered.

Add a massive single player mode. No one is happy with simply a vanilla basic multi player mode; that's a rip-off.

Seriously though. Play Bomber-Man Genesis, it was the series high point; jeez.

Add bosses, more powerups, tons of map designs that expand far and wide. You want to make a modern Bomber-Man? Make a good one :)

Avatar image for Pupchu

Well, good for Kna... waitaminute...

Avatar image for Rotpar

I remember when releasing buggy betas was one of the biggest problems for PC gaming. Will released broken alphas, apologizing, then "generously" offering to eventually remake the game be wave of the future?

Avatar image for Ayato_Kamina_1

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah I remember that. It was sort of acceptable for PC gaming (for some reason... possibly because we always knew they could patch / update it) but you're seeing it a lot more in console games now. Games being released with game breaking bugs, patches coming out days after release etc..

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

JUst so it can be the second lowest? I'm pretty sure nobody wants it.

Avatar image for electrichobo99

I wish they would patch buggy-ass Trine2 so you can actually play online and "gasp," allow you to switch characters without a double-image glitch that ruins your session.

Avatar image for mattress805

I never had hat problem with Trine 2 on the ps4. It is one the best and most polished games I've played on the and I played it online co op w my brother most of the timeps4

Avatar image for mattress805

I bought this game. Never played it tho. It was only 10$ but this is good news

Avatar image for B-boy

I whish EA do the same thing with battlefield 4 that game is buggy

Avatar image for nigelholden

I have to say, this is pretty damn refreshing. Are we still allowed to say"Damn"?

Avatar image for grenadehh

Ah they're pulling an FF14 on it.

Avatar image for metallinatus

What about Knack?

Avatar image for electrichobo99

It was fun to rent and playthrough once, Knack that is, even if it was too hard for you.

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

<< LINK REMOVED >> Knack is exactly bad it is just REALLY tedious.

Avatar image for Devils-DIVISION

<< LINK REMOVED >> I actually thought that's what it was gonna be.

Avatar image for grenadehh


Avatar image for bluefox755

Good for them, shows they care about more than a paycheck.

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