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PS4's first-week GameStop sales surpass PS3's first 3 months

Sell-through so far is 80 percent higher than the total number of PS3s sold in retailer's entire 2006 fiscal year.

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The PlayStation 4 is breaking records at GameStop. During an earnings call today, GameStop president Tony Bartel said PS4 sell-through since launch on November 15 is 80 percent higher than the total number of PlayStation 3s sold during GameStop's entire 2006 fiscal year.

The PS3 went on sale at GameStop in November 2006. The company's fiscal 2006 ended in February 2007, meaning the PS3 was only on sale during GameStop's fiscal 2006 for a period of three months.

Bartel declined to disclose the exact number of PS4s GameStop has sold so far for "competitive reasons," but did say that GameStop's share was higher than any previous console launch. The PS4 has officially sold more than 1 million units across North America so far.

Bartel also addressed future PS4 sales, saying of the 3 million units Sony plans to sell by the end of the calendar year, a "large portion" will be sold at GameStop.

Also during the call, Bartel said GameStop is poised for success this holiday with the PS4 and Xbox One due to its industry leading market share. For the latest quarter, a record 52 percent of all Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games sold in the US were sold at GameStop, he said.

GameStop attached software at a rate 2.2 times greater than the competition, he added. In addition, Bartel explained that every GameStop associate received three hours of training on the Xbox One and PS4 to ensure that GameStop employees are the "most prepared staff in all of retail."

Looking ahead to the Xbox One launch this evening, Bartel said the value of reservations and additional allocation of the next-generation console is 15 percent higher than the total number of Xbox 360s sold in fiscal 2005.

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