PS4's day-one patch detailed

Software update 1.50 for next-gen console will add voice commands and facial recognition support, as well as Remote Play and Share functionality.

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Sony today detailed the PlayStation 4's day-one patch, which will launch alongside the system in North America on November 15, 2013. The system software update 1.50 is about 300MB and includes various features and functionality.

First, the 1.50 update adds support for Remote Play and Second Screen functionality via the PS4 Link application for PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android. The update will also introduce the PS4's much-touted "Share" functionality, through which players can share images and video with friends over the PlayStation Network or social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

The 1.50 PS4 update also introduces broadcast and spectate gameplay options through Ustream and Twitch, as well as the new PlayGo feature that allows users to start playing after the PS4 downloads a portion of the game data. Not all games will support this, Sony said.

Sony also confirmed today that the PS4 will support a maximum of four users logging into the system at once. These players can use their own save data to play games and earn their own trophies. The Xbox One allows for up to six players to be logged in simultaneously.

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The update also adds facial recognition and voice commands through the PlayStation Camera. Users with a PlayStation Camera can register their facial image onto the PS4 and then use that image to log into the system, instead of using a DualShock 4.

Players can also use either the PS4 microphone or the PlayStation Camera to navigate the PS4 home screen using voice commands. Users will be able to boot up games and shut down the system, among other features, using their voice.

Lastly, the PS4's 1.50 day-one update adds a background music player, party voice chat support, and online multiplayer. What's more, the PS4's Blu-Ray and DVD player will only work once players have connected to the Internet and activated this feature.

Sony cautioned that some PS4 features will not be available at launch, including the "suspend/resume mode," which keeps the PS4 in a low power state. Details about features to be added post-launch will be announced "in the near future," Sony said.

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"Players can also use either the PS4 microphone or the PlayStation Camera to navigate the PS4 home screen using voice commands. Users will be able to boot up games and shut down the system, among other features, using their voice" sounds familiar will you be able to turn this feature off? etc

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does anyone believe that remote play will work? i've not got one title that works in remote play on the ps3

my fingers are crossed!

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If only I could use my vita to be a gamepad for my ps4 games... = (

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What's more, the PS4's Blu-Ray and DVD player will only work once players have connected to the Internet and activated this feature.

People without internet are screwed for movies!

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While playstation and xbones and eletronic stuff is made by humans! There will be DAY ONE PATCHES!

When will the machines rise? I want better hardware and software...

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How long will it take to fix after it gets hacked again?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> lol

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Day 1 patch? Doesn't bother me. As it downloads I'll go take a pee or something

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The main reason for the patch , their disabling the DRM , yes you read that correctly , dont believe me ,do some research.

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<< LINK REMOVED >>its not a DRM Patch, since you can play offline games without it
even Yoshida comfirmed it on twitter << LINK REMOVED >>

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> This report says the bluray drive will not even work until you connect to the internet.

Sounds like the drm needs to patched out just like the xbone.

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no that's Bluray / dvd movies

Giantbomb has better writer so you can understand

+ Yoshida already comfirm it that you play games without the patch or internet

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its no big deal,

if u can visit this website, then chances are u can update the console,

stop complaining about trivial things,

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Interesting response. I could have said the same thing about many complaints of an always online system. Most people that can purchase either one of these consoles probably have internet connections. No defense of this type was given to Microsoft though and everyone and the media went after them. Then we find out about this patch after we've already learned of Sony's original DRM policy that they tried to quietly reverse and it seems that everyone is ok with that. Blatant biasness at it's finest.

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Day 1 patches are still a thing. Welcome to the next generation people.

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November 15th is the day i start gaining weight

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This adds SUPPORT for the playstation eye (or whatever they're calling it now), it doesn't REQUIRE it.

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PS4 sounds more like an Xbox every day

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Dreamcast

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Bu, bu, bu, but, I don't have an internet connection, remember? That's why the Xbox one was so horrible. /s

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The PS4 would still function without the patch, the xbone will not. This patch adds features for the UI and camera, the patch for the Xbone removes the Draconian-Orwellian DRM and spy camera policies Microsoft fought so hard against the consumer to push onto them.

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The PS4 update enables quite a lot of basic things. I would consider the ability to play BluRays and DVD a pretty basic requirement. Like I said before, both consoles require a day one patch, just like the WiiU required. No biggie. My previous message was a tongue in cheek. The fact that you're online to respond proves my point that even future PS4 owners have an internet connection.

And as a far as Draconian-Orwellian DRM, lol. The policies are basically the same one that Spotify has for music and they're many of the ones that Steam has. I'm not trying to get into a personal tit for tat. I'm a grown man with real responsibilities and don't believe in internet arguing.

And for the record, I'll be getting a PS4 in late December to go with my launch day Xbone. Cheers ;)

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Patch or no patch still can't wait for Nov 15 to come so I can play on my new PS4! Greatness awaits!

Avatar image for FAIL_TR0LL


Now THERE's a troll. Nice one, man!

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And gamespot this update also removes the DRM feature,yes you sony fanboys playstation 4 was also going to support DRM.And one more thing Call of duty ghost will run at 720p at 60fps on the ps4 and xbox1 but yet will run at 1080p native at 60fps on the underpowered wiiu do yourselves a favor and go to reviewtechusa on youtube and see what a dissaster the online will be for ps4 and xbox1 after they had to restructure the online service because it was built for DRM and they had to scale down most games and the reall reason they delayed The club and watchdogs.You could hate on me all you want but the truth hurts.EA wanted Origin to run the online for nintendo based on DRM and nintendo told them HELL NO and thats why EA doesnt give support to the wiiu.Sony and Microsoft said yes to these companies and i bet you they will implement DRM down the road.

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<< LINK REMOVED >>no you can play games without patch, there for no DRM on PS4


Avatar image for Techtroll

M$ had the DRM policies and did the 180 and xbox one is native 720p and the PS4 is native 1080p your delusional and in denial

Avatar image for cvantu

<< LINK REMOVED >> and you're making shit up. I guess you're ignoring that Forza 5 is absolute 1080p and that several games on PS4 are below 1080p. I know that games are below 1080 on Xbox One, but this negates your "facts".

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Ive heard rumors and sayings all over that COD Ghosts will be running at 720p on PS4 as well...Im going to laugh if this is true, so much for "next gen"

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Hey Gamespot, you guys need to update your story. It's misleading. PS4 is game ready out of the box. It will download the patch while you play your games at launch. Cull this crap nonsense these people who hang on every word off these pages as if it's gospel and it's freaking lacking information. You're the Journos get this stuff updated quickly. And please don't make it a separate story either!

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My NES and SNES never required an update. I guess they don't make consoles like they used to...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah and the only people who had internet back then where certain college campus's.

Avatar image for bigmikeOK

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Which means companies like Nintendo had to get the console right on the first shot.

Avatar image for gpm23

LOL, I find this to be pretty hilarious actually. People have been fighting to the DEATH about which console is better, when in reality both consoles are practically mirror images of each other, aside from a few tweaks here and there. Did people really think Sony was going to sit back and not include voice recognition? I could see this from a mile away. They're the same system people, it all comes down to the games. Like it matters what anybody says though, people are still going to argue over the tiniest differences as if any of them actually make even the slightest of differences. RAM! DRM! Always online! They're spying on us! LOL. They're the same console.

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Avatar image for King_Wii

I think it's funny that everyone bashed Xbox One for having voice commands and facial recognition with the kinect and yet I hear little more than a murmur about Sony doing the same thing. Also everyone complaned that the Xbox was going to have to have a day one internet connection to function and even though PS4 will run without it it's bluray player capabilites won't work without a day one patch. Now I'm not an Xbox War monger (getting both systems actually) but I do have to point this stuff out because it just bugs me.

I suppose Xbox and Microsoft can only be faulted for announcing this stuff first. Sony played their cards right and threw Microsoft under the bus for all of us to see while they secretly planned to enact similar edicts themselves. I may be iffy about the kinect being on in my house but I will say Sony's quasi-hypocrisy is disheartening at best.

Avatar image for Techtroll

Sony made it optional M$ forced it big difference

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The difference is I don't have to buy the PS Eye if I don't want to, and still have an identical looking game with the same gameplay and online for $100 cheaper. Hardcore gamers on a budget that want next-gen graphics will most likely buy the PS4. Unless they really want titan fall and halo for $100 dollars more.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Fair enough my friend. But the spy cam jokes aren't justified when you learn that you can disconnect the Kinect (kind of ironic name considering huh) and the system still functions. You CAN'T however play games without a controller and we've now learned that the PS4 mic on the controller is always listening. No jokes about a spy controller though huh? Also, Sony went the extra mile to poke fun at MS with sly remarks at E3 and with their Youtube video shortly afterwards over Xbox One's used game policy. Now it's revealed that they had the exact same strategy for their system as well BUT waited for MS to play their hands to see the reaction. This is not only unprofessional but even worse still is very hypocritical. Just calling it like it is man. Side note, I've looked at the technology involved in that Kinect 2.0 camera system and it's very advanced, far more then the PS camera so given time when the price comes down in a couple of years, the strategy of having it included with the system instead of as an add-on (which traditionally add-ons fail) will probably prove to be quite the difference maker.

Avatar image for Tech9

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Well said bigmikeOK.

In a year or so, we won't even be talking about this kind of stuff. Fanboys have short memories and always looking for the next "battle". Eventually it will be all about the games and I am betting X1 and PS4 will both have a few exclusives that are worth owning.

Avatar image for Skarface_smitty

<< LINK REMOVED >> But good for you, you're rich enough to have both consoles. If I was rich like you I'd do the same thing. Console fanboys are douchebags. Appreciate the art of gaming as a whole

Avatar image for itmustbepaul

Well, if you believe the rumors, PSN doesn't even work properly, and the day one patch removes DRM that was originally supposed to be included in the hardware, which forces users to either patch or play their games offline in single player. Way to go.

Avatar image for X_oddgod_X

Why do we need to dl a patch day one? Couldn't Sony release the console ready to use from the factory? I don't understand.

Avatar image for SavageEvil

<< LINK REMOVED >> The console is game capable you moment you plug it up to your LCD. The patch can be downloaded in the background as you play whatever launch games you have. Don't let this partial story confuse you, PS4 is a games machine first and it functions as one day one without the update.

Avatar image for bigmikeOK

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> ....unless you want to play the game online like advertised in a recent commercial.

Avatar image for King_Wii

<< LINK REMOVED >> because Sony was making console unites months ago and it would be improbable to open up already sealed and in some cases now shipped systems to update them ahead of launch. Remember these systems are a lot like computers and even though they're done building the hardware that doesn't mean they're done building t he software. In fact they'll only finish with the software when the system gets retired..

Avatar image for Diablo-B

Holy crap. The consoles for next gen are less than a month away.

This was a great gaming gen. Let's hope the future of gaming will be just as bright.