PS4 Remote Play Officially Coming to PC and Mac

PS Vita gameplay streaming service set to expand to desktops, Sony exec confirms.


Sony’s Remote Play service, which allows PS4 gameplay to be streamed to PS Vita across a home network, is set to expand to PC and Mac.

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Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the plans in a message to fans on Twitter, stating that “we are indeed working on an official application for PC/Mac.”

The announcement comes days after a developer, going by the online handle Twisted, announced an unofficial Remote Play app for Windows.

Remote Play launched in November 2013, during the global release of PlayStation 4, and was pitched as an alternative way to play PS4 games through a second screen. Gameplay data is streamed to the PS Vita across a home Wi-Fi network, with input commands returning back to the system. Certain phones, such as Sony’s Xperia Z5, are also compatible with the service.

There are no further details yet on how the service will work for PC and Mac owners.

Microsoft offers a similar console-to-PC streaming service, where an Xbox One can be mirrored on a Windows 10 device.

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Yes, yes...let me stream everything to my monitor so I can park myself in one place to do all my entertainment consumption. If it lets me turn my PS4 on and off through the app then I would totally put more time into it.

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This whole 'remote-play' / 'streaming' thing is a cool idea in theory and all, but it's practical application is atrocious.

For one, you can only ever really do this to another room in you rhouse. Which kinda renders it moot. At that point, just move your console to the other TV. If you try to stream it, you are going to end up with a degraded video signal, and have to deal with network hiccups as if you were playing a stupid multiplayer game.

These feature needs to get to the point where we can play outside of the home, and not worry about internet issues as much.

Until then, it's just another stupid gimmick.

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And once again, bunch of idiots in the comments who don't understand what this is.

Avatar image for Iemander

Kind of pointless, it would've been far more interesting to stream to an android or IOS tablet. But not to a PC. PCs generally are gaming PCs, the usual household has a tablet not a PC. And Gaming PCs usually eat consoles alive.

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@Iemander: I agree with you completely in regards to the streaming being pointless or at least a feature most true gamers would not need. As for the computer thing though, gaming computers make up less a tiny fraction of less then 1% of computers in use today. There are far more computers in use that barely runs facebook, let alone runs Witcher 3 on high+ settings. Look 20 houses up and 20 houses down from you- a computer in every home, but how many are running Fallout 4? , at console settings.

Consoles are heavily price subsidized machines that have games designed down to there physical architecture to play games and play them well. Take the xbox 360 a 15yr old machine that still has modern games made for it today that look great. While no one is making games for a 2005 PC running Vista with a Geforce 7800gt. I Love my gaming pc s, as I am typing on one right now, but the sheer value, and games that come to console are amazing for the small price of $300, what a decent graphics card would cost.

I would always put pc gaming above consoles in many ways, but shear value, ease of use, and exclusives dominate.

Avatar image for joalopes

@Iemander: They already have an Android application. The official app is locked to Sony devices but it has already been hacked to work on any Android device. You can download it online. Sony will surely make it officially available on all Android devices soon.

As for supporting the PC/MAC. What we are really talking about is supporting OSX and Windows. There are millions and millions of Windows devices. From tablet, desktop, laptops and so on. Although everyone is buying Android and IOS devices, truth is, everyone already has a PC/MAC. They just don't upgrade them as often.
With that said, there has been more Windows device shipments than for instance, iOS.

People continue to have a laptop or similar device either to play PC games or to work on stuff that its harder to do on a tablet. Do your school work. Access certain online content and so on. In fact, I bet most people posting comments on this article, are doing it on a Windows or Mac device.
And don't forget about the new hybrid category that is becoming popular now.
In that category in particular, Windows devices are getting extremely popular.
The Surface Pro 3 has been extremely popular. In fact, Microsoft brought Xbox One streaming to the PC for a reason. And that is, that people wanted that feature.

Sony is competing with a very big company that has a foothold on many devices. And they need to bring their services to as many platforms as possible.

On Android they are more than ready. And in fact people have been enjoying Remote Play on many Android devices (although unofficially).
The PC/MAC really is the next big market to grab.

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@joalopes: i was not able to get that app working in my galaxy s3 back in the days. I still use my vita but i would love to play ps4 games on my 1080p iphone 6 plus screen..

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Yes! For once Sony knows what they're doing! Hopefully I would be more motivated to play PS4 now that I will be able play games from my computer...

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@LauriAJ: See I just do not get that, "Hopefully I would be more motivated to play PS4 now that I will be able play games from my computer..." Why not just play the ps4? No lag, no spikes, no compatibility issues. It is as easy as plugging in your computer monitor directly into the ps.

Avatar image for tinoush

@jenovaschilld: becouse of wife/kids want to watch tv. Or play your ps4 on friends house on his pc without taking ps4 with you.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@tinoush: When you are at another person's house, how would you turn the ps4 ON, back at your's?

Avatar image for tinoush

@jenovaschilld: You can easily turn your ps4 on from your friend PC, once they are synced. All you have to do is keep your ps4 in sleep mode. In other words, your friend can play your games when you are not at home.

Avatar image for ExoticCharm

Anyone else notice that half the comments are from Mirimon78 peddling for Sony lol?

Avatar image for Jinzo_111887

@ExoticCharm: And trying to flame people who question Sony.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

Maybe I am too, old but I just do not see the need for these features. I play my consoles and computer games on 27" monitors with JBL surround speakers. And in the living room I hook either upto my large plasma tv with 5.1 surround. With HDMI 1.4 the ps4 is as easy as plugging into the back my computer monitors.

I mean if it allowed something amazing like spreading a ps4 game across 2 or 3 monitors then it would be something cool. But are these features more then just unplugging you device from point A to plugging into point B?

Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

@jenovaschilld: Actually it's less.

If you were to move console from TV a to TV b you would at least be able to play your games without internet lag and degraded video quality.

Avatar image for SweatySasquatch

I hope they now make a official Windows 10 driver for Dualshock 4 controllers.

Avatar image for Baconelite

I hope this allows for keyboard and mouse controls.

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Im not sure i see the purpose to this. Why would you want to play a ps4 remotley from your PC if you can just plug the ps4 into the monitor? It sounds like a neat feature if it works with laptops to play ps4 on the go but the ps4 would still need a external power source. If its to play a ps4 thats in another room to a PC in another room theres still lag input to consider. When will game devs learn that the technology to stream games just isnt here yet. Not just sony but valve too with their steam links.

Avatar image for stewedyeti

@jonnybrownieboy: The IPS monitor I have in my bedroom is broken (not entirely, but one of my cats pissed on it and now the display has liquid damage that caused part of it to stop lighting correctly and it requires more than an hour to, for whatever reason, "warm up" before you can see content clearly enough to play), so my PS4 has been relocated to the living room television. I've been avoiding purchasing a replacement monitor because I'm cheap, and lately I've not been playing PS4 as much as I'd like to -- the reason being that, in addition to being cheap, I'm also a weirdo that is more at ease by staying in my room and using my aging MacBook Pro from the comfort of my bed. Even though I do plan on replacing the monitor soon, the ability to stream games to my Mac is appealing because it means I'll have a more desirable contingency plan if something prevents me from playing in the room I prefer. Plus, it would also mean I won't have to keep moving the PS4 when I desire playing on a much larger screen and can just leave it in the living room.

Sony providing an application to stream the PS4 to Mac/PC also means that they will have to officially support using the DualShock 4 on OS X (and PC, for that matter) and release official drivers for the controller. I suspect those drivers will enable controller features not currently available on Mac (or on PC without third-party wrappers) that are required by many PS4 games, such as force feedback, control of the light bar, the touchpad's surface and click, motion sensing, the wee little speaker on the front, and the headset jack (and, if the extension port is ever used for something other than the charging dock, I reckon that can be included as well). Sure, it's possible that Sony can be selfish and load their drivers through the app itself (like how Aspyr's OS X ports include custom drivers to enable full support of 360 controllers without the need of the famous Tattiebogle drivers and its improved forks), but even that means there'd be something for pioneering hobbyists to reverse engineer into a better system-wide solution.

I'll admit the second part of my comment doesn't necessarily support the purpose or benefits of PS4-to-computer streaming, but it's something I'd consider a most righteous incidental bonus that is in many ways more exciting (to me, at least) than the streaming itself.

Avatar image for timothyss10

@jonnybrownieboy: i own steam link and it works great ^.^ not so well with a wireless connection ture, but wired works seamlessly. u don't need to plug in anything to use PC and i allrdy had my router next to my tv so wired connection for me was no big deal. only compliant is that there is no physical power button on it. further most, sum1 has to take the first steps, yes its been done b4, but at a price well above $100, for 50, steam link is a great peace of hardware, and i am hard to please. two of my friend and my room m8 have gotten their own, so now i have two in the house hold, interested to see how that handles

Avatar image for poopenshaft_v2

@jonnybrownieboy: I had a vita and the lag is barely noticeable. I will 100% use this feature on my Mac to play a hour every now and again while the wife is watching something awful on the TV

Avatar image for xxstrghtmnyxx

This could be really awesome or really terrible

Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

@xxstrghtmnyxx: If it's anything like Xbox One streaming, then it's just kinda... meh.

Degraded video quality, and network hiccups as if you were playing a stupid multiplayer game.

Avatar image for phillybro806

Hopefully they do beyond home network like the Vita is.

Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

@phillybro806: Except I've never once seen that work IRL realistically.

Avatar image for louixiii

Cool feature

Avatar image for xavier141524

Pathetic Sony smdh

Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

@xavier141524: I'm not exactly a huge fan of the streaming/remote-play features either, but why does that make them pathetic? From where I stand, it sounds like you are just stating you don't like Sony for unrelated reasons.

Avatar image for Mirimon78

They mentioned this 2 years ago, along with psnow, all of which will work on ps4, ps3, vita, tv, tablet, mobile, pc and mac.

Avatar image for bluebird08

It's a cool feature to remote play, but I can't even use it properly because my internet is so bad.

Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

@bluebird08: My internet is fantastic, and it still kinda sucks. It's so much easier and less frustrating to just get off your ass and move your console to another room lol.

Avatar image for gobosox20

Don't forget you can also stream with the Sony tablets, which is the only way I do it myself. Remote play on the vita is terrible. Just Bluetooth a dualshock to the tablet and it's almost as good as playing on a tv.However the vita is still with having for Persona 4 golden alone.

Avatar image for Mirimon78

@gobosox20: it's not nailed down to sony only hardware, they aren't trying to pull a msft. Sony wants psnow and remote play to work on all smart tvs, tablet, pc/mac, mobile as well as on ps3, ps4, and psvita/vitatv. Atm samsung smart tv's have taken up the offer and sony waits for others to do the same (it is a simple app).