PS4 Remake Yakuza Kiwami's Western Release Date Announced

The Dragon of Dojima gets a makeover.

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Sega has announced that Yakuza Kiwami, a remake of the first game in the series, will be available on PlayStation 4 in America and Europe on August 29.

The remake features "recreated graphics and fully re-recorded Japanese audio by the original voice actors." Additionally, "added distractions and 30 minutes of new cutscenes" have been introduced.

Another gameplay addition is what Sega is calling the "Majima Everywhere" system. In this "the series' deranged, one-eyed maniac will constantly surprise and challenge Kiryu to combat when he least expects it." It sounds a lot like the Mr. Shakedown encounters from Yakuza 0, but Sega has promised it will be extra goofy.

Yakuza Kiwami will be available physically and digitally for $29.99/£29.99/€34.99. Those that pre-order or purchase one of the limited first run copies of the physical version will receive the game in a steelbook case. You can see a picture of it below.

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The last entry in the series was Yakuza 0, which was released in January. In GameSpot's Yakuza 0 review, Peter Brown described it as "a fascinating adventure" and awarded it an 8/10.

"Unless you have a strong aversion to violence, sex, or middling graphics, you owe it to yourself to give Zero a chance," he said. "Its story will surprise you, its inhabitants will make you laugh at every turn, and its ambitious scope will redefine how you think about open-world games."

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