PS4 Racer Driveclub Runs at 60FPS in Prototype PlayStation VR Version

"At the moment it's just a prototype."


Evolution Studios is again experimenting with a virtual reality version of its PlayStation 4 racing game, Driveclub. The developer showed off a demo of the game today at Paris Games Week in a behind-closed-doors presentation attended by GameSpot and other media outlets.

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The current prototype runs at 60fps (an increase over the regular game's 30fps frame rate), which is made possible in part by reducing the on-screen car count from 12 to 8, according to Eurogamer. In addition, subtleties to the weather/cloud system and track details have been scaled back, while the rearview mirrors have been disabled, to help boost the overall frame rate. Game director Paul Rustchynsky said he's hoping some of these features can be added back should the project move beyond prototype status.

In addition, PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida points out on Twitter that Driveclub's VR version actually runs at 120fps. "The game runs at 60fps but gets converted to 120fps with reprojection before sent to the VR headset," he said.

Rustchynsky stressed that Driveclub for VR is only an experiment at this stage, but said he's hopeful it can become something more someday.

"DriveClub VR? At the moment it's just a prototype," he said. "We don't know what we're going to do with that just yet. If it gets good reception [here at Paris Games Week] which I think it will--I think that could turn into something more than just a tech demo."

This isn't the first time Evolution experimented with VR support for Driveclub. Back in March 2014, Yoshida said he tried a VR version of the game, but it made him sick. It appears Evolution has since been able to improve the experience significantly.

PlayStation VR was originally called Project Morpheus, but was given its new name during this year's Tokyo Game Show in Japan. The PS4-powered headset is due to launch in the first half of 2016, though an exact date has not been revealed. Pricing for the consumer model has not been announced, but Sony has said it will be priced like a new gaming platform.

In other Driveclub news, Evolution has released Driveclub Bikes, which is available as a $15 expansion to Driveclub or as a standalone download for $20.

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