PS4 Racer Driveclub Is a 17 GB Download, Even the PS Plus Edition

And load times should only be about 10 seconds, director says.

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Now that PlayStation 4 racing game Driveclub has gone gold ahead of its October 7 release date, Evolution Studios director Paul Rustchynsky has revealed a number of pre-launch details about the game in a series of Twitter posts. Perhaps most notable is the fact that it will take up 17 GB on your hard drive.

That figure is for both the standard version and the "free" version for PlayStation Plus subscribers, he says. Rustchynsky's comments suggest that the file size could have been even larger, as he remarks that Evolution "managed to compress" the game to 17 GB.

Rustchynsky also responded to a fan who called out Evolution Studios for making games that have long loading times. This person said if loading times for Driveclub are less than 15 seconds, he'll eat copies of a Motorstorm game. Rustchysnky replied by saying loading times should only be about 10 seconds for Driveclub.

In addition, Rustchynsky confirms that Driveclub will be available for pre-loading, and that, although players won't be able to customize their drivers, you will not be forced to play as an entirely generic character.

"There are a selection of predefined drivers, both male and female, which span a range of skin tones," he says.

One fan also asked about why Driveclub doesn't offer split-screen. Rustchysnky explains, "It's something we get asked about a lot, & I wish it was as easy as just downgrading the graphics, but it's a lot more complicated."

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