PS4 Racer Driveclub Director Explains Why 1080p/30fps Is Best

"It's a balance, because you can only do so much on any platform," Paul Rustchynsky says.



In a new interview with Edge, Driveclub game director Paul Rustchynsky yet again explains why having the PlayStation 4 racer run at 1080p/30fps was the right choice for the game. The publication asked him if sacrificing framerate is worth it for the sake of visual fidelity, and he responded in the affirmative.

"I absolutely think so," Rustchynsky said. "I suspect a lot of people think we may have compromised the gameplay experience by choosing 30fps, but we've spent a huge amount of time minimizing the latency between the pad and what happens inside the game so you never feel disconnected, and you never feel like you’re getting a sub-par experience."

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Even though the PS4 is a powerful machine, it doesn't mean developers don't also face situations where they must make a tradeoff, Rustchynsky went on to say.

"It's a balance, because you can only do so much on any platform--PS4 has been fantastic to work with and we've done a good job of pushing it," he said. "It's always a tradeoff, ultimately, and I think we've made the right choices to make the best driving game we could have made."

According to Rustchynsky, the payoff is that Driveclub has beautiful visuals and excellent audio, complemented by a sleek user interface and unique social components. Rustchynsky said previously that outputting in 1080p/30fps was "absolutely the best thing" for Driveclub, because it allowed the studio to "deliver the most detailed cars in-race that you will ever have seen."

You can find out for yourself when Driveclub launches exclusively for PS4 on October 7.

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