PS4, PS3, and Vita Combined Have Sold Over 100 Million Systems, Sony Says

A new video has revealed that Sony's hardware sales have crossed the impressive milestone.

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We knew that the PlayStation 3 sold very well last generation and that the PlayStation 4 has been the best-selling console for most of the months since its release. But numbers that express just how many consoles have been sold are scarce. Now, however, a recently-released video published by Sony has revealed that between the PS4, PS3, and Vita, Sony has sold over 100 million systems to date.

The video is geared toward third-party manufacturers who might want to create peripherals for the system, and Sony presents the number to make its console ecosystems attractive to them. But the number indicates a healthy and robust PlayStation family.

The last number we had for the PlayStation 3 came in November, when Sony announced that the console had sold over 80 million units. In April, we learned that the PS4 had crossed the 7 million mark.

For comparison, Microsoft revealed last October that the Xbox 360 had crossed 80 million units sold. The company has shipped 5 million Xbox One systems as of April, meaning that total sales between both systems have probably crossed 85 million.

Nintendo's console sales, of course, dwarf those of both Microsoft and Sony. The Wii sold well, crossing the 100 million mark last year. Nintendo has moved over 35 million 3DS units, and the Wii U broke 6 million at the end of March. In total, Nintendo has sold over 141 million systems between the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS.

Sony may give more information on the numbers later this month, when the NPD Group releases its monthly sales report for the United States. Keep an eye on GameSpot for more news about the sales of the consoles as it becomes available.

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