PS4 + PS Vita Bundle Revealed

Amazon lists unannounced "Ultimate Player Edition."

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One of Sony's E3 2014 surprises may have just been spoiled. The often-leaky Amazon France has posted a product page (via IGN) for a special PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita "Ultimate Player Edition" bundle. It's listed for €579, or about $790. According to the listing, it will go on sale July 4.

We were not able to find the same product page on Amazon's North American website. In Europe, the PS4 currently sells for €399.99 ($540) and the PlayStation Vita costs €179.99 ($245), meaning the bundle isn't offering much in the way of savings. However, it also could include some pack-in goodies, and we've reached out to Sony for comment. Sucker Punch's PS4-exclusive action game Infamous: Second Son is shown on the box.

Separately, Twitter user Wario64 has obtained a scan of next week's Best Buy advertisement, which shows a $560 PS4/PS Vita bundle that includes both systems and a copy of Borderlands 2 for PS Vita.

In February, PlayStation hardware marketing executive John Koller said Sony had "no firm plans" to offer a PS4/PS Vita bundle, though he admitted that "it's an interesting proposition."

Sony's E3 2014 press conference takes place Monday, June 9 starting at 6 p.m. PDT. GameSpot will host a livestream of the event, as well as video interview and analysis features immediately following the presentation. For more on this year's E3, check out GameSpot's roundup of everything you need to know.

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They don`t even have it in Japan and its only 4 weeks to Christmas.

Avatar image for L_Spencer

Are there any news on this? Anything coming for Xmas season 2014?

Avatar image for Foppe

It need a lower price.

Avatar image for Dieknochenblume

Wow, this looks really nice. I was waiting for such a bundle. Thought it was going to come out until there was a lighter version of PS 4 (slim), but who knows, maybe this is a good chance to get the bundle these holidays.

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This seems like a sensible move to jump-start Vita sales, but I'd rather see the PS Vita TV and the 64 GB memory card make their way to North America.

Avatar image for PayneKiller

finally. should have put this out since christmas

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

This should be the final nail in the coffin for Nintendo's Wii U. Sony now offers the second screen experience with the PSvita and Playstation 4 combo. Sony needs to provide a game that really takes advantage of this PS4/PSvita

Maybe Sony will revive the game "Ruin"

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Apples and Oranges comparison. I have a PS4 and Vita already, but seriously doubt many people would be enticed by this combo rather than just pick them up separately or skip out on the Vita entirely. Sony has tried to invigorate Vita sales since launch without the least bit of success and this won't do anything to change that situation.

Also, there's a high likelihood that Nintendo fans interested in a WiiU already have a 3DS, so there's no need for Nintendo to bundle them together.

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I can deal with a $560 price for both. The only problem is that I don't need a 2nd PS4 right now. I'd rather wait for a PS4 Slim to be announced and released. Now,, if Sony wants to offer a PSVita slim for $160 with Borderlands 2 included, I'll gladly open my wallet for that. I like to have back up systems. I have 2 XBox 360, 2 PS3, 2 3DS, etc.., etc..

Avatar image for nefphlegm

I wonder when they will sell the Vita Slim by itself?

Avatar image for deactivated-5a1d4b615a3a3

The vita is there just to give PS4 buyers access to some games worth playing.

Avatar image for Zombrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> For now, that 's a point that can't be argued. I'm finding myself using my Vita and PS3 more than my PS4(but still loving what I do play on the PS4).

Avatar image for Zombrex

$560-600 seems like a legit price range for the US. Assuming you get just the platforms and the game(s). I say games because having Borderlands 2 in the box for both systems would sell the idea of taking your gaming on the road with the cross-save feature. They might as well throw in a year of PS Plus as well.

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And yes, I realize BL2 isn't on the PS4...yet.

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I want the bundle but the games I want to play wont come out until 2015. :(

Avatar image for blackothh

Its about time they got this bundle rolling!

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The price for the US will be cheaper. EU/UK prices are always higher.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> $560 in the U.S. is a good deal. They need to include a PS4 & PSVita Digital game in the bundle and they are golden. Those systems will sell. Smart move by Sony if this deal gets announced at the E3.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah...i remember calculating the compared prices a while back, when the canadian PS4 price was raised.

if people would pay the euro price world wide, sony would die:

399 euro=600+ AUSD, 575CAN, 550US. something like that (cba to recalculate)

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Vita remote play doesn't work because it doesn't have 4 shoulder buttons. Unless Sony get that act together and realise that the controls need to mimic the PS4 controller, then they have no chance.

Avatar image for krazypod

<< LINK REMOVED >> obviously you don't have a Vita and tried the Remote play.

I was just using it last night playing Watch Dogs did 2 Missions no problem,

all the so called missing buttons are remapped on the screen and rear touchpad,

the developers remap R1 switch with R2, however your middle finger is just about resting near the R2 area and L2 area, so when I switch guns I tap the left rear pad and then right, easy.

VITA remote play its amazingly playable.

Just like to play and then switch the screen to my vita before going to sleep.

For the first half hour I played it remote play I had totally forgot I was on my vita.

It truly is amazing.

Avatar image for charly6285

Yes I agree completely I love playing watch dogs and destiny(pve) on remote play....

Avatar image for Zombrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> Rear touch pad. Thanks for doing your research.

Avatar image for Inlex

<< LINK REMOVED >> Don't shoot me for saying this, cause I don't own either, but doesn't the vita use the rear touch pad as R-buttons? Something I think I read earlier.

Obviously not ideal, but I guess it does work?

Avatar image for Zombrex

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yes, that's what it does. It "works" on the whole but for games like Battlefield it's a little inconvenient. Why anyone is remote playing Battlefield outside of testing it out is beyond me though.

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Sony should've had this bundle at the PS4's launch, before millions of people bought it. I was interested in it back then. I didn't want a Vita till the PS4 came out. But now the hype has diminished about the remote play feature and I don't want it anymore (plus I already own a PS4). Also, for the amount of money you're spending, they should've shaved off a few more dollars. Because you're gonna wanna get a game or two with it (on top of the pack-in game(s).

Avatar image for Zombrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> Remote play is a nifty feature, but not purchase breaking one.

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I want more Fps games on my Vita! I want Doom 1 2 & 3, I want Half-Life 1& 2, I want Serious Sam. You don't have to make new games, just port the old ones!

Gosh, just think about it, Duke Nukem 3D in your hands.

Avatar image for Zombrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> Meh, FPSs are one of the few genres that doesn't translate well to the Vita, especially the modern ones since the Vita is missing two legitimate shoulder buttons and the use of L3/R3(rear touch pad just doesn't cut it.). I'm no fan of RTS games, but I can imagine they would work wonders with the touch screen/pad.

Avatar image for PodXCOM


Maybe. but I played Killzone on the vita, and it plays just fine. But some RTSs would be nice too. They actually made C&C for the playstation, so why not Vita?

Avatar image for Spartan_418

<< LINK REMOVED >> Half-Life 2 on Vita would be cool, but Valve doesn't seem to support consoles anymore

Portal would also be a good fit for Vita

Avatar image for cboye18

Yeah, well I won't make the same mistake of buying a Sony handheld device again. Rather get a 3DS for the upcoming Smash Bros.....

Avatar image for Zombrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> You're missing out, the Vita is pretty solid. While it doesn't feel like Sony is showcasing the Vita by any means, it also doesn't feel like an unwanted device that's full of shovelware like the PSP.

Avatar image for omgmike23

Yeah, no thanks. I already have a ps4 but even if I didn't I wouldn't touch this bundle. Guaranteed this will be the vita slim(crappier screen) and the vita is only $199(where I am anyways, canada, sask) so it doesn't make sense to spend that much in a bundle package for that.

Avatar image for OldDirtyCR

<< LINK REMOVED >>Ps4 $399.99 + PS vita $199.99 = $599~ . US ad states the bunle with BL 2 is $560. That's a savings of $40 plus you get Borderlands 2. It's 40$ and a great game. I've been waiting to get the ps4/vita but now that this bundle is coming out I will be buying it. There are probably other people with the same mindset as me. I see this as being a popular bundle for Sony.

Also I hope you realize Australia's prices are waaaaay overpriced compared to Canada/USA.

Avatar image for wallacom

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Canada pricing for PS4 is $450 and vita is $200 and no best buy bundle.

Avatar image for JW2252

Was waiting for this bundle to finally pick up a ps4. Though I was hoping for a little bit cheaper. Already played Borderlands 2 to death and I'm only mildly interested in Infamous. Maybe they'll offer different bundles but I probably shouldn't hold my breath on that one.

Avatar image for kereke12

For the price its not that bad at least it's not $700 or $800.

Avatar image for Daveof89

<< LINK REMOVED >> Stop shopping for consoles in the plumbing department.

Avatar image for se007

<< LINK REMOVED >> The hell this even means? Are you retarded or something?

Avatar image for OldDirtyCR

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> No one knows what it means Viv. It's vague and could be attributed to countless console products.

So if everyone else can't understand what the hell you are saying, do you truly think that everyone else is stupid? Isn't it more likely that your comment just made no sense.

Avatar image for parabol69

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> "Really then you are the one is retarded." The irony in your comment is priceless.

Avatar image for vivvianni


Was talking about xbox one.

Avatar image for SolidSnakeJT

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You don't make any sense, and your grammar is bad

Avatar image for vivvianni


Yep the typo sorry.

Avatar image for JW2252

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> No viv, your comment really doesn't make any sense...