PS4 Pro Tutorial Video Shows How to Get Best Picture Output

Beagle not required.


Sony has released a video tutorial showing how to get the best picture from the PlayStation 4 Pro. It offers guidance on adjusting settings so that resolution, HDR, and deep colour output can be properly configured.

Most televisions compatible with HDR will be set to enable the feature automatically, but the video shows how to access the settings menu to enable it just in case. There's not much more to the video beyond that.

It might not impart a great deal of useful information, but it's worth watching just for the weird British Airways flight safety video vibe.

The PS4 Pro launches today, November 10, and is a more powerful version of the existing PS4. According to Sony, it doesn’t represent a new console generation of PlayStation consoles but is instead a mid-generational upgrade.

In GameSpot's PS4 Pro review, Jimmy Thang said the "PS4 Pro is priced fairly, offers a plethora of features, and is the most powerful console you can buy today." However, he noted that the upgrade is only recommended to those with a TV that can make use of the consoles extra horsepower.

"If you already have a PS4, however, I wouldn’t make the upgrade unless you have a 4K HDR TV and the extra cash lying around," he said. "Graphics enthusiasts may appreciate the improved anti-aliasing and more vibrant colors, but the differences likely won’t blow most people away."

If you're still on the fence about upgrading, you can learn more about it in our in-depth feature: Everything you need to know about PS4 Pro.

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