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PS4 Pro Launches Today

"PS4 Pro caters to our fans who embrace innovation..."


It's a big day for Sony, as the company launches its much-anticipated PlayStation 4 Pro console today, November 10. The $400 console is a more powerful version of the existing PS4.

Not only that, but it represents something of a new move for the industry in that it's considered a mid-generation hardware upgrade instead of a new console generation. Sony will continue to sell the regular PS4. Additionally, games and accessories for the PS4 work on the PS4 Pro.

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"PS4 Pro is not the start of a new generation, nor is it a console that is going to blur the lines between generations," system designer Mark Cerny said.

"The launch of PS4 Pro marks the first time ever that PlayStation is introducing an upgraded console in the midst of a platform's lifecycle," Sony Interactive Entertainment president Shawn Layden said in a statement today. "PS4 Pro caters to our fans who embrace innovation and want to enjoy the advancements in visuals made possible by the latest imaging technology. The development community is already taking advantage of the boosted power within PS4 Pro, and we're eager to see how their creative efforts continue to make PlayStation the best place to play."

Some games (but not all) have been or will be patched to support the benefits of the PS4 Pro. In some cases, games patched for PS4 Pro see better resolution and frame rate. Check out this list to see all the games patched to support PS4 Pro for launch.

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In GameSpot's PS4 Pro review, Jimmy Thang said the "PS4 Pro is priced fairly, offers a plethora of features, and is the most powerful console you can buy today." However, he noted that the upgrade is only recommended to those with a TV that can make use of the consoles extra horsepower.

"If you already have a PS4, however, I wouldn’t make the upgrade unless you have a 4K HDR TV and the extra cash lying around," he said. "Graphics enthusiasts may appreciate the improved anti-aliasing and more vibrant colors, but the differences likely won’t blow most people away."

For more, check out this roundup of what other critics are saying about the PS4 Pro. You can also read GameSpot's in-depth feature that covers everything you need to know about PS4 Pro.

Additionally, Sony has released a tutorial video that shows you how to get the best picture quality from the PS4 Pro. As previously explained, you need a 4K TV to see the full benefits of the PS4 Pro, but the console also supports 1080p sets and offers some improvements there as well.

The PS4 Pro does not have a 4K Blu-ray player, in part because Sony sees a shift toward streaming.

For its part, Microsoft is working on a new Xbox console called Project Scorpio. It's scheduled to come out in holiday 2017 and is described as the "most powerful console ever made."

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