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PS4 pricing blunder lets customers buy Killzone: Shadow Fall for 85p

Users who bought one of Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer microtransactions ended up with the full PS4 game as a free bonus.

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PS4 owners in the UK were able to download a full version of Killzone: Shadow Fall from the PlayStation Store overnight, after a DLC blunder saw the whole game accidentally being included in an 85p microtransaction.

Users last night discovered that purchasing the Killzone: Shadow Fall Mercenary Playercard Icon Pack saw the full digital version of the title being delivered alongside it.

The Mercenary Playcard Icon Pack is designed so that players can customise their Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer playercard with 10 of the cast from Vita spin-off Killzone Mercenary, including legendary characters like Anders Benoit, Admiral Alex Grey, and of course the simply unforgettable Helghast soldier.

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The pricing gaffe was working up until about an hour ago. Attempting to add the icon pack to the basket now returns a message that customers are ineligible to purchase this item.

Will the game be removed from users' PlayStation Store accounts, or will those who managed to secure the bargain-priced accidental download be allowed to keep it? GameSpot has contacted Sony for more information.

Sony announced earlier this week that Killzone: Shadow Fall has now sold 2.1 million copies worldwide, which means about a third of the 6 million PlayStation 4 owners have also picked up a copy of the game.

The multiplayer component of Killzone: Shadow Fall is also being made available for free this week, allowing console owners a chance to sample the title even without an active PlayStation Plus subscription. The promotion ties in with the release of two free multiplayer maps.

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