PS4 Patch That Fixes Major Dragon Age: Inquisition Issue Should Hit Soon

Sony to deploy new update ahead of RPG's release next week to keep the game from freezing.

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A PlayStation 4 patch will be deployed soon to fix a major problem with Dragon Age: Inquisition on that platform, according to a new report. During its own testing, Polygon found that the game suffered from frequent freezing, which would lead to the entire PS4 getting locked up, only fixable with a hard reset.

In a few cases, these crashes even led to corrupted save files--a major issue when you consider Dragon Age: Inquisition takes dozens of hours to finish.

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The issue does not stem from Dragon Age: Inquisition, but rather the PlayStation Network's 2.0 update, which also impacted the Evolve beta and led to more issues with the PS4's Rest Mode. EA told Polygon that it is aware of the issue and that Sony will release a PSN patch ahead of Dragon Age: Inquisition's release on November 18 for consoles and PC.

Sony even sent Polygon a PS4 already loaded with the new PSN patch, and the update fixed the problem. This patch appears to be the 2.02 update that Sony announced last night.

"While unfortunate timing, we worked with Sony since the issue was discovered and are committed to ensuring it does not impact players by launch," BioWare manager Aaryn Flynn said in a statement.

Dragon Age: Inquisition's review embargo was lifted today. GameSpot scored the game a 9/10, with reviewer Kevin VanOrd saying the game "is a wonderful game and a lengthy pilgrimage to a magical world with vital thematic ties to one we already know."

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