PS4 Owners Can Now Play Critically Acclaimed Game Inside

The well-received Limbo follow-up is now available for PlayStation 4 owners.

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Limbo developer Playdead's latest game Inside is now available on PS4. It costs $20.

Inside puts you in control of a boy, who seems to be on the run from people who are conducting mysterious experiments. The story is never explicitly told to the player, instead opting for a more atmospheric approach. The game's world is full of mystery, danger, and puzzles.

Originally revealed in 2014, the Limbo follow-up debuted in June on Xbox One and PC. It received a score of 8 in GameSpot's review, in which critic Alex Newhouse said, "This is a beautiful, haunting, and memorable game, a worthy follow-up to Limbo. Its puzzles, although rarely difficult, are engaging complements to the story."

For a wider view of Inside's critical reception, check out GameSpot's review roundup.

After Inside's release, Playdead CEO Dino Patti left the independent developer to "seek new challenges." He was with the company for almost 10 years.

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Excellent graphics, game play stupendous, a little longer would of been heaven. Cant wait till the next adventure, great job folks ,SWEET,SWEET GAME. I highly insanely recommend this game.

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--think ill pass on ps4 also
--i simply wont pay more than 5$ for this
--id love to know how much MS paid for less than 2 months of exclusivity
--it is one of their favorite places to toss xbox money in the trash(short term exclusivity contracts)

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- - You are one of the

- - Most

- - Annoying people to ever

- - Post on

- - A forum.


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What if I wanted to play Critically Acclaimed Game outside??????

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@darthrevenx: There's already one like that, but you might Die playing it...

That is All...

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@darthrevenx: I've been outside. it's horrible. The graphics are shoddy, there's no plot and hardly anything drops coins when you hit it with a hammer.

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@darthrevenx: Then get an extension cable for a start....