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PS4 Neo Release Window Possibly Referenced by GameStop CEO, Company Denies It

"He did not give a reference as to the timing on when they would be launching," GameStop PR says.


Following a report from June that claimed Sony would launch the PlayStation 4 Neo console this year, GameStop CEO Paul Raines has now suggested the system might be on the way for 2016. In a statement to GameSpot, however, GameStop denies that Raines revealed Neo's release window.

Appearing on CNBC today to talk about Pokemon Go (of course), the interviewer asked Raines about what consumers could look forward to this holiday, mentioning the Nintendo NX console. Raines pointed out that the NX isn't coming until 2017.

Immediately after saying that, he mentioned the PS4 Neo and Xbox One S, only one of which, Microsoft's console, is officially confirmed for release this year. Raines also called out virtual reality devices, the latest of which, PlayStation VR, launches in October.

"Yes, there will be a new Nintendo console launch in March 2017," Raines said. "But remember, there are two different form factors: a PS4 Neo and an Xbox One new slim version. So there will be some activity and upgrades, along with the VR."

A GameStop representative denied that Raines was talking about the Neo's release window.

"Paul did not say that Xbox One S and PlayStation Neo hardware units would be coming for the holidays. The anchor was the one who referenced the holiday period," GameStop's director of corporate communications told GameSpot today. "Paul simply reminded him that there would be hardware upgrades coming--Xbox One S and PlayStation Neo. He did not give a reference as to the timing on when they would be launching."

If he was talking broadly about confirmed hardware on the way, it's curious that Raines did not mention Microsoft's Project Scorpio, which is another hardware upgrade on the way. Scorpio, which is only a codename, launches in holiday 2017. As for the Xbox One S, just today Microsoft announced that the slimmed-down system will go on sale starting on August 2.

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If the Neo is indeed launching this year, it wouldn't be the first time Raines let slip the release window for a new Sony product. In February, Raines said PlayStation VR would launch in the fall, when all Sony had said officially was that it was coming in the first half of the year. PlayStation itself confirmed the delay in March, and at E3, announced PlayStation VR would launch on October 13.

Neo was announced in the days before E3, though Sony did not show it off or discuss it at all at the event itself. If the system is coming in 2016, we would expect an official announcement relatively soon.

At the end of June, an analyst said Sony might launch the Neo and a slimmed-down PS4 before or during the Tokyo Game Show in September. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest on Sony's new hardware.

This story has been updated and corrected.

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