PS4 MP3 Support Coming This Holiday; No Discounts for PS Now Games You Already Own -- Report

A verified Sony employee on Reddit details the additional features coming to the PlayStation 4 as well as new information about PlayStation Now.

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Back in April, we reported on a rumor that the PlayStation 4 was getting MP3 support. Nothing official came from Sony, but many people thought it likely that the console would get some sort of external music compatibility at some point. Recently, we got more evidence that such an update is in the works.

According to reddit user IWorkForSony, who has been verified by r/PS4 subreddit moderators as a Sony employee, Sony is currently developing an update for the PS4 that will bring MP3 and video player support by the holiday season. The user also said that DLNA media server support will come some time in 2015.

The user went on to address the upcoming public beta test for PlayStation Now, Sony's game streaming service that's been in private beta for a few months. When someone asked about rumors circulating that owners of PlayStation 3 games may get free access to those same titles via PS Now, IWorkForSony negated the possibility. "Those rumors are wrong," he wrote. "Entitlements for PS3 games won't carry over to PS Now." As for the reason why Sony will not provide discounts, he explained, "Unfortunately, it just doesn't make business sense for Sony to transfer entitlements to PS Now. Streaming games costs them money."

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Finally, he revealed that a subscription model for PS Now is still in the works, and that the beta is to test different pricing models.

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This week, the user also revealed that the PlayStation Mobile app is getting a substantial overhaul. "There's a redesign in the works," he stated. "It should be more functional and modern (read: less cheesy blue boxes)."

As for the legitimacy of IWorkForSony, I reached out to the moderators and they confirmed that he has provided evidence as to his employment at Sony. Mod IceBreak wrote, "We saw things that pretty much guarantee [he] works for Sony. Besides that there were debug unit OS pictures. I can't elaborate more than that or share the pictures due to the anonymity of the user but I also want to let you know what we used to verify [him]."

We've asked Sony for comment and will update this story if we receive word. Will you take advantage of MP3 support on the PS4? Let us know in the comments.

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I seriously don't understand the issue of why no backward compatibility support for PS3 games ? I mean that would make people buy more of the PS4 units immediately. It is the same company, same Playstation console, but updated. Is it a software/hardware issue ? You know Sony can do it, so why not do it ? What is the big deal ? If anything it would bring up the value, and get people to buy more PS4 units, & games. I think its really selfish of Sony to not support the backwards compatibility. Also it should definitely have an update for reading MP3, MP4 and anything else that the PS3 supports. Why are they holding off for so long ? Is is a legal issue, or what ?

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> same company? same playstation console? It does not work that way , the ps3 is powered by cell processor architecture and ps4 is x86 architecture, so they will have two options to include backward compatibility, either add a separate ps3 cell hardware on the ps4 just for ps3 games or try to emulate(mimic) the cell behaviour on x86 hardware. The first option makes the console really expensive and the second ...well...cell is complex and to emulate it require tremendous amount of hardware power and coding skill both which ps4 lacks thanks to its weak jaguar cpu ..and the last option is to stream the gameplay ...

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@LexLas @LexLas same company? same playstation console? It does not work that way , the ps3 is powered by cell processor architecture and ps4 is x86 architecture, so they will have two options to include backward compatibility, either add a separate ps3 cell hardware on the ps4 just for ps3 games or try to emulate(mimic) the cell behaviour on x86 hardware. The first option makes the console really expensive and the second ...well...cell is complex and to emulate it require tremendous amount of hardware power and coding skill which ps4 lacks thanks to its weak jaguar cpu ..and the third option is to stream the gameplay which is being implented now...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Totally agree. The PS3 support should be a given. I hate that you build an entire library on one system and then you switch and have to keep that old system hooked up. When they first announced streaming I thought this would solve this but now they're just trying to monetize it through expensive rentals. Sigh...

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The reason it isn't backwards compatible is the same reason ps3 can't play ps2 discs. Look, I like the thought of one system plays all, but if they're stuck in the past, they can't move onto the future. They had to sacrifice playing ps3 games in it, to ensure that they could significantly improve the graphics and running capabilities of a new system. The ps3 and ps4 are way different in their architecture. Yes, the ps4 had plenty power to play ps3 games, but to do ps3 games they'd have to entirely recode/remaster every game, or they'd have to have the ps4 built with the same architecture as the ps3, thus dulling our ps4 games, causing us to complain that the new system is no better. I know this is a stretch of an example, but say you have the power to stop your child aging at ten, you want to keep him a happy ten year old and not let him have anything to worry about, about getting older. So to keep yourself happy, and you think him happy, you hold him back. But now he can never experience the future, never fall in love, never have the joys of becoming bigger, stronger, faster, more advanced. He is stuck in the past, where you want him. That's selfish to keep him there. So Playstation can never grow up, get stronger, faster, more advanced, if they're stuck in the past, being held back. BTW, xbone can't play 360 games either, for the same reasons. Wii u is backwards compatible, but as far as hardware and capabilities, it's their 360/ps3 generation console, not next gen, and look how their system is doing, they clinged to the past, added a few new gizmos, but it wasn't enough, it sold terribly (I do own one, for specific games lol) sorry so long

Tl;dr: game companies can't move forward if they're stuck messing with the old technology and not new ones

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah hope its here sooner than 'holiday season' for same reason

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MP3 support but no external drive support.... consoles are really something else nowadays.

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No backward compatibility and now (unless I'm reading this wrong) you can't even get access on your PS4 to digital products you already purchased on your PS3 when it's the exact same game?

I was a console gamer right up until last year. Now that I've switched to PC I seriously question what was happening to my brain for all those years. I'm not trying to fuel the PC/console argument in general, I believe it's all a matter of tastes and preferences.

But on a personal level, I sometimes can't believe I couldn't see the lack of rationality much earlier.

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So much for the hope that PS Now was the answer to backwards compatibility.

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At least NES and SNES games are discounted as $1.00 and $1.50 if you own them on the Wii Shop Channel! Sony knows better than this!

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Nintendo has been making you rebuy games with each new console gen for years and nobody panics. Sony does the same thing and everyone loses their minds.

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You may want to look that up.

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I know streaming costs Sony money, but that still sucks for PS now :(

Oh well, a reason less to adopt PS4. I seriously don't know what to do if my ye olde fatty PS3 dies: get PS4 or get another PS3? With my salary in pesos, all of 'em are prohibitively expensive.

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I'm pretty disappointed with just how little these next gen consoles have to offer. Seriously, MP3 playback not being an automatic from the start is a JOKE. We shouldn't be clamoring for things that should have been available from the start. What about FINALLY letting people change their PSN gamertags? Another tiny and simple feature that Sony inexplicably makes difficult.

It's things like this that SHOULD be no brainers. When you start being honest with yourselves about just how underwhelming these games have been so far, and you add up all of these tiny features that are absent, it's pretty hard to justify the worth of these underpowered consoles.

I really WANT to like these next gen consoles, but so far, they are NOT all that impressive.

No MP3 playback yet? GMAFB.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> i'm with you on this one. Does Sony even get these reviews coz they should know what a F*$ck up they made. I also regret buying this overrated and under delivered box of $sshit. Graphics are not far from PS3 at all, no media player...PS3 does a far better job as an entertainment system. Does Sony know that a decent portion of they customers purchase these devices primarily for a media centre and aesthetics. Some idot did not do their homework and research on consumer trends. SONY PLEASE WAKE THE F*$CK UP, YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS by making bad decisions.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I completely agree with you man. So far I totally 100% regret getting the ps4 for many reasons. It is a complete joke for many of the things that they didn't put into the system. And after being a playstation fan ever since I was kid I don't feel that this new system shows "greatness" at all. At e3 they've announced at launch that they would have "thousands of games for free to play on playstation plus". Still haven't saw any? Idk I just believe that this new system should have really been "great".

And I agree with the mp3 playback feature. THEY Should have already had that feature in there from the start. It seems like they're going backwards. Lol. Also one more feature that I wish that they added just to try out is voice commands and such, like being able to say "playstaion on", and other cool features that the xbox one doesn't possess.

For the people that DONT AGREE please don't start an argument on here. I only expressed my opinion so that it could possibly be heard or seen so that someone can change some of the imperfections that the system still has yet to offer for its gamers.

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"Also one more feature that I wish that they added just to try out is voice commands and such, like being able to say "playstaion on", and other cool features that the xbox one doesn't possess."

I'm going to assume you meant other cool features the Xbox one DOES possess since it has had stuff like this since launch. I agree with you that the ps4 is underwhelming at this point. My Xbox one is less disappointing and I'm getting much more use out of it. I feel like I should have waited until 2015 for the ps4. Alas, I fell for the hype like millions of others and now I'm regretting it.oh well, 2015 will come soon enough

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@dcaseng It's indeed disappointing when a smartphone does more than a console, that has more gpu/cpu power. But taking a year to come out with MP3 support is a JOKE!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> b...but greatness awaits! D:

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I'm surprised, actually.

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Add support for Flac instead of mp3. I like lossless audio instead of lossy. Mp3 is only good for saving space not sound quality.

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Absolutely agree with << LINK REMOVED >> - it's a bloody joke that we have to wait so long four what was one of the most used features of PS3 for many people. Come on Sony. Pull your finger out.

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Media Server support SOMETIME in 2015? - This is just a joke. Fed up of still using my PS3 already for that. They announce it will aaaaages ago, then take a stupidly unreasonable amount of time to do it.

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That's right, pay to play those games you already own on PS1/2 and/or already re-bought on PS3.

Or keep your PS2, and PS3, like me. Don't let Sony milk you.

*I sold my PS3 but I'll get another.

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I kept all mine...PS1, and PS2. I bought someone's used PS3 Super Slim once I picked up a PS4 along with PSN+

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> good man, if only we could also purchase time :D

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i hope we can actually play music while we play are games this time when the mp3 support gets updated i have a flash drive with music on it that i would like to put on my ps4.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I will honestly laugh if it doesn't! XD
It's really bothering me from both consoles that things that haven been available previous gen have not been implemented this gen!

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Umm I think my toaster has native MP3 support,seriously now,these consoles are totally not rushed I mean the interface is not messy it's "simplistic" and the missing features are something people should get used to,next time around you'll buy a MP3 with the MP3 feature coming soon.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> tell me more about this toaster... What audio output does it have ?

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I was sarcastic,mister Itakethingsliterally,since every cheap-ass chinesse device with some remotelly media features support AT LEAST MP3 playback and the PS4 has to wait a whole year for that feature?Let alone movie playback and more,I guess I shouldn't even expect other formats to work since they barelly made this available.

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I still want a talking toaster

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3 d is over rated I played sniper elite 3 in 3d today what crap it was the up date done nothing

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<< LINK REMOVED >> the novelty wears off, may be revived when they release those 3d vr goggles.

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Anyone arguing the prices needs to consider a few things...

Compared to physical disc rental options, the prices are comparable. Where it falls apart is when the rental fee costs more than a new disc or digital copy.

The prices are currently being tested. Even if the service launches with these prices they are likely to change as time goes on.

Sony is building a network to support this feature and plans on an entirely new audience of gamers coming from tablets, phones, and smart TVs. This is not aimed directly at the common gaming audience, though it can be supplemental to how common gamers play.

PSNow is an investment in the future. It may not be priced or perform as well as many would like, but the network needs to start somewhere. OnLive tried to go all out and hasn't been very successful.

PSNow is not for everyone. It's a new way to rent games. It's a new way for Sony to deliver games. It's a way for non-gamers to have access to games that are more feature-rich than they can get with a micro-console or mobile device.

PSNow is not a worthless investment. It doesn't have to be wildy successful right off the bat so long as it continuously improves over time. Give it a few more years and revisit it.

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I just saw on ign EA are gonna do there own called the vault on x1 with access to their classic games for a subscription fee on top of the gold fee, new trend peeps

and yes fair enough mp playback but still since e3 the word on YouTube upload has gone quiet I don't actually care for the 3d stuff I don't have a 3d tv but I can access YouTube ...

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Things like MP3 and DLNA support are great to have, but what about the stuff Sony touted right out of the box? Game standby/resume stands out there, and is sorely missed by those of us who find our gaming time more limited than we'd like.

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My truck from 2002 can play mp3....... I dont own any of the new consoles but it surprises me by reading this that they didnt automatically support mp3s from the beginning.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> both companies have music services they thought we would subscribe to, do you people really not know why there was no support for streaming movies and playing mp3s?