PS4 Made Up Largest Part of Ubisoft Game Sales During the Last 3 Months, Doubles Xbox One and PC Sales

Driven by Watch Dogs and Child of Light, the last 3 months brought strong PS4 software sales for Ubisoft.

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Last week, publisher Ubisoft revealed that its recent game releases have sold very well. So well, in fact, that the company's sales in the last three months have risen 374 percent over the same time period in 2013. But one of the big questions during Ubisoft's earnings call was how those sales were distributed over the platforms. On the day of the call, the company also published a breakdown of the software sales by system, and it turns out that games sold best on the PlayStation 4 by a wide margin.

Driven by a very strong performance by March's release of Watch Dogs, over 50 percent of Ubisoft's software revenue came from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 during the past three months. But Ubisoft games on the PS4 sold much better than on Xbox One. Sales on the PS4 made up 36 percent of Ubisoft's revenue, more than double the One's 17 percent. It's interesting to note that PS4 revenue also more than doubled sales on PC, which came in at 14 percent of total sales.

You can check out the entire console breakdown over the last three months below. Software sales for the Wii U, Vita, and 3DS were negligible over this time period.

ConsolePercentage of Software Sales From April-June 2014
PlayStation 436%
Xbox One17%
PlayStation 317%
Xbox 36014%

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