PS4 interest ahead of Xbox One by 2 to 1 margin in pre-launch study

New study gives early advantage to Sony.


A new online shopper study commissioned by digital intelligence firm Compete found that pre-launch interest in Sony's PlayStation 4 is surpassing that of the Xbox One by a 2 to 1 margin.

The study, conducted by Millward Brown Digital, took place between June and September. Specific methodology details were not provided.

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The PS4 was announced in February, while the Xbox One had its formal unveiling in May.

Millward Brown Digital's study of online shopping behavior found that three out of four next-generation console shoppers considered the PS4, with 61 percent considering only the PS4.

Meanwhile, the study concluded that 39 percent have considered purchasing an Xbox One, while 27 percent shopped only for the Xbox One.

12 percent of shoppers were interested in both the Xbox One and PS4, according to the study.

Millward Brown Digital vice president Matt Pace said following a jolt in interest after retailers began taking preorders in June, enthusiasm for both platforms among online shoppers has fallen. For September, interest was down 52 percent from the initial spike in June, he said. This is expected to turn around, Pace said.

"With marketing now picking up, one of the first salvos being Sony's tie-in with Taco Bell, consumer interest in the consoles will soon rise in anticipation of the launches," he said.

The $400 PS4 will bow first, arriving in North America on November 15. The $500 Xbox One follows a week later on November 22.

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