PS4 Getting "Second-Person" Shooter Screencheat

This indie game doesn't look down upon screen-looking, but instead celebrates it.


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Australian independent developer Samurai Punk announced Thursday that the studio is bringing its "second-person" shooter Screencheat to PlayStation 4. The game will launch later this year on Sony's new console alongside the previously announced Xbox One edition.

No longer!
No longer!

Haven't heard of Screencheat? Its concept is quite unique. In the split-screen multiplayer game, everyone is invisible, meaning you'll need to screencheat your way to victory. For once, screen-looking is not frowned upon, but celebrated.

"What was once taboo is now the key to your success," designer Nicholas McDonnell writes in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

The game supports four players locally, while up to eight can play in online, split-screen matches.

It's not as impossible to find and kill an invisible enemy as you might think. Screencheat offers a variety of assists, including color-coded maps that should help you locate enemies (ten in all), while structural elements and landmarks have been purposefully designed to stand out.

Once you do locate an enemy, it only takes one shot to bring them down with any of the game's ten weapons. However, when firing any weapon, your location is revealed. So spraying and praying probably isn't the best tactic in Screencheat.

Screencheat was released in October 2014 for PC, Mac, and Linux. For a closer look at the game, check out some images in the gallery below.

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Disclosure: Former GameSpot editor James Kozanecki works for Surprise Attack Games, the publisher of Screencheat.

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